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I visited this restaurant on a weekend to try out their 7 course brunch. Bombay Brasserie is one of the best fine dining places i have visited till date! It is located in Taj – Business Bay

The interiors of the place are amazing, giving an indian touch to the seats. The seating area is big enough – overlooking Burj Khalifa.

We were welcomed in a friendly way and were leaded to a table. The management introduced us to the menu and we were served with their best mocktails. These included Ranjha, Heer and Bansuri.
The main ingredients of Ranjha were peach, guava and rose – the drink had a unique and amazing taste. The main ingredients of Heer were mango and lemon – this drink had a bit of sour taste; nevertheless, it tasted great too! Bansuri was my personal favorite drink – its main ingredients included cucumber and coriander – this drink was absolutely refreshing and amazingly done!

We were then served with snacks made of rice which was served along with rubaab ginger and green papaya. This was a great snack and went great along with the rubaab ginger dip. This dip had a sweet taste.

The first course of the brunch was served which was a chaat platter that included dahi pakodi, paapdi chaat and Pani puri. The pani puri’s pani was served in a small antique jug – i totally loved this concept!
All the 3 items in the chaat platter were done perfectly with a perfect taste! Infact, the presentation of the platter was impressive and beautifully done!

The second course included red chicken tikka and chicken malai tikka served with green apple mash, salad and scallops. This dish was accompanied with mint chutney as well. The chicken was really soft and cooked perfectly. The green apple mash was something new for me and i totally loved the idea of the way it was served along with this course.

The third course included Chicken Basil Tikka and chicken tukda chaat. The chicken basil tikka was done good with as usual soft piece of chicken. The chicken tukda chaat was the star of the whole brunch – it was presented in between a bread stick in a round shape. This chaat tasted amazing and had some chinese touch to it which made it taste even better. This course was served with sprinkle of tamarind, mint chutney and yogurt.

The fourth course included roti pe mushroom and paneer pilli mirch with beetroot pachidi. This course actually could have been replaced with lamb/beef but since i do not eat the specific meat, we were served with vegetarian options.
The roti pe mushroom was a snack which included crushed mushrooms served on a mini roti. Being a mushroom lover, i absolutely loved the dish. The paneer pilli mirch included paneer being served in round shapes and was cooked with great combination of spices. The paneer was really soft which even made it better having the dish.

The fifth course included a unique fish dish – Kaagaz wali Machi. This dish came wrapped in a paper with a big piece of fish. On knowing more details on its preparation, we came to know that the fish is marinated, wrapped in a paper and grilled along with the paper. The concept sounded great and interesting. This was definitely one of the best courses of this brunch.

The sixth course included main dishes – chicken tikka masala, dal tadka and special fish main cooked in a coconut and tomato gravy. The mains came along with naans and rice. The chicken tikka masala was spicy and tasted delicious. The dal tadka lacked some salt, the rest being great. The fish dish was something different i had tried – i personally, don’t like the flavor of coconut in any gravy dish but this one would definitely prove to be a good dish for the ones who like this combination.

The seventh and the final course of the brunch included Gulab Jamun on a pastry crust – the presentation and taste of this dish was AMAZING. It was served in a glass which looked so unique and different. The gulab jamun was placed above a tiny pastry crust and underneath the crust was red jelly – the dish made an amazing dessert in all!

All in all, this brunch is worth trying along with friends and family. Even the pure vegetarians will get great options in their brunch! Will definitely be coming back soon!



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I was invited to Moshi’s Summer menu Launch! They have come up with an amazing variety of sushis, maki rolls, momos and drinks!

We started off with trying the strawberry Mojito which was presented in a light bulb – i totally loved the presentation and the taste of the drink! I twas refreshing and was tasted great!
We were then served with Edamame and Mushroom Momos – this momo had an amazing filling of edamames and mushrooms – but it had a bland taste. However, it was served with various dips, so it went along with momo and tasted good too.

We were then served with different varieties of sushis and maki rolls – Flamin’ Chicken cheetos, broccoli chicken,volcano roll, chicken chips oman, hotdog maki and Zaatar Labneh Maki.
My personal favorite was the Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos – it tasted absolutely amazing – with a spicy flavor and crunchiness of cheetos. Next favorite was the Zaatar Labneh which was made great too – had more flavor of labneh though.

The hot dog maki being something unique had fries in it!! This was the best part of the hot dog maki!
The oman chips sushis is what moshis is known for! One of the amazing options too!
They have also come up with dhokla maki and falafel nigiri which i unfortunately couln’t try but will definitely do so soon as it the combination looks something different.

Towards the end, i tried their Lotus Milkshake – the taste was amazing but the thickness could have been more. However the taste was amazing!

It would be worth trying out their summer menu – will definitely be back soon.


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I was invited to a tasting session at Swaadish – planned it during lunch time of a weekday.
We were introduced to the menu really well where we were given a description of each dish so we can make a choice accordingly.
The owner, Mr. Raza Abbas, recommended us must have dishes!
We started off with salads – they have a live salad counter of around 6-7 different types of salads – we tried the macroni, chana chaat and chicken & apple salad.
The chana chaat was the best among them – it was spicy and had a great mixture of different spices. The chicken and apple was unique combination that i haven’t had before but it was worth trying – had a great taste and was delicious! The macaroni salad tasted great too!

From the grills, we tried the Chicken Gola Kabab and Spicy Tawa Chicken. The Gola kababs, as the name suggests, were round shaped and was something different i tried – i absolutely loved the dish! The kababs were soft and cooked perfectly. They also have different flavored chutneys to go with kababs – kiwi, tamarind and apricot and much more [AED 3 each]. The spicy tawa chicken was good too but i guess it could have been better with more spices. The grills are served along with breads to go with.

From the curries, we ordered butter chicken which is served along with bread (roti). The best thing about butter chicken was that IT WAS NOT SWEET. There are many restaurants in dubai who serve sweet butter chicken which i am not a fan of. The butter chicken at swaadish was spicy and tasted delicious! The roti along with it was really heavy!

We also tasted their Steam Chicken Biryani. This biryani was WORTH TRYING! It was topped with a chicken gravy – the chicken being really juicy and the biryani cooked with right spices – it was one of the best dishes i tried!

For the desserts, we ordered for their famous Nutella Samosas – you’ve got to try these – do not leave without trying these if you are a true chocolate lover! Do not wait much to click pics of this dish as the nutella is melted in the samosas so the warmer it is, the better it will taste!

Thanks to Mr. Raza for an amazing lunch and great company!

O’Doner – Palm Jumeirah

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O’doner is located in the golden mile in palm jumeirah. I was invited to the tasting session exclusively for bloggers.
The place has an open kitchen for everyone to see as to how is their food prepared. The concept concentrates on freshness and healthness.
The bread that they use is baked freshly in front of you. Additionally, they also use gluten free flour.

We were welcomed by a refreshing lemon and mint drink which tasted amazing and was quite refreshing to beat the heat!
We were then offered Lokum which is a turkish delight to help build appetite before we start off with the food tasting.

We were served 4 different salads at the beginning – the best among them was chicken ceasar salad. We were then offered sides which included jalapeno poppers, onion rings and fries.
The jalapeno poppers were filled with cheese and jalapenos – being a cheese lover, i totally loved the dish. The onion rings were not the best i’ve tried but tasted good too. The fries were crispy and were cooked perfectly.
We were also served with falafel and bread and tahina along with it which tasted great too! Falafels were amongst the best I’ve had till date.

Then we were served with the one meter chicken doner which was absolutely delicious.
The way it was served and cooked was amazing! The bread was soft and it had a great filling!

In the desserts, we were served with baklava, kunefe and dondurma (turkish ice cream). Baklava was filled with icecream and pistachio – the taste was unique and delicious.
The kunefe was topped with a scoop of ice cream – this was the best dessert. It was perfectly made and had the right amount of sweetness.
The dondurma – turkish icecream tasted good too and they have a great variety of flavors.

Thanks to MR. Karim (the owner) for a perfect tasting session! A perfect place to visit for turkish taste!

Mama’esh – Business Bay

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This place is a hidden gem in business bay! They are known for their flatbreads and fatayer.
I visited this restaurant on weekend for lunch with family. The place has a great outdoor and indoor seating with an amazing ambiance.
The staff and management were friendly and welcomed us whole heartedly. We were introduced with the menu – all the must try ones and the best ones!
We ordered for mix cheese flatbread, zaatar & cheese fatayer, zaatar and labneh flatbread, palestinian musakhan rolls and fresh orange juice and lemon & mint juice.

The mix cheese flatbread was one of the best dishes of the meal! It is very cheesy and have a great taste. A must have for all cheese lovers!
Zaatar and cheese fatayer had a great amount of zaatar. However, a bit more amount of cheese will make it taste even better.
Zaatar and Labneh flatbread was one of the best dishes too with a great combination of labneh and zaatar – both with a same quantity and labneh was spread over well!
The palestinian rolls consisted of chicken and red onions as given in description – though i couldn’t get much of chicken taste – it had a unique taste.

The management being kind enough offered us complimentary makdous and muhammarah complimentary for us to taste. The makdous was a dish made of eggplant with various toppings – it was served in a very unique way and i loved the way it was served.
The muhammarah was a flat bread which was a tomato spread with chllies kind of flat bread. It was AMAZING! IT WAS ALSO ONE OF THE BEST ONES I TRIED! TOTALLY LOVED THE TASTE!

At the end, we were served with Um Ali which was a dessert with bread, cream and nuts. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND TASTY! Do not leave the place without trying this one dessert! Its an absolute delicacy!

Thanks to Mr. Hussam for inviting me for this amazing tasting session!! Will definitely be back here!

Moylo’s – Jumeirah 3

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This restaurant has been on my wishlist since a very long time! Decided to visit it on a thursday evening.
Luckily, we got parking right outside the restaurant. The place is small but have some creative walls and interiors.
As we entered, the staff welcomed us with big smile which showed how friendly they are!
We went around 6 pm, the restaurant was empty at that time, but gradually the crowd started coming.

The staff helped us to make a choice form the menu according to our tastes.
We ordered for a hot chick burger and chicken run burger and selected the grilled mushrooms and cheese as an add on.
The hot chick burger had a crispy fried chicken patty with a spicy sauce. This one was an amazing burger and i highly recommend it to the spice lovers! The burger was juicy and the chicken was cooked perfectly. It was accompanied with spicy mayo which enhanced the taste of the burger!

The chicken run burger is one of the healthy options they offer. It consists of grilled chicken breast with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and club sauce. This burger was lighter than the hot chick but however, was no less than the hot chick burger. This was served along with coleslaw which made a perfect combination.

We also ordered for parmesan truffle fries and chicken popcorn in the sides.
The parmesan truffle fries is A MUST TRY! The fries are crispy and are topped with parmesan flakes – which makes it tastes the yummiest ever! It is served along with mayo which goes really well with the fries.
Chicken popcorn tasted great as well an was served along with ketchup. The chicken was soft which made it taste really good!

We tried their variety of milkshakes – including Salted caramel milkshake, Freakin’ Ferrero Milkshake and Or Yo!! Milkshake.
ALL THE MILKSHAKES WERE EXCEPTIONAL! The thickness of the milkshake, the taste and the way it was served (in a jar) – made it perfect! One of the places which sells an amazing variety of milkshakes – DO NOT LEAVE THE PLACE WITHOUT TRYING THEIR MILKSHAKES.

The service was really quick and great! A special thanks to Mrs. Luz and the manager on duty – Mr. Sanjay Loy for an amazing experience of Moylo’s.