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The highest rated restaurant in Zomato – and totally deserving! Tresind offers wide variety of indian food with a modern twist to it that will definitely tease your taste-buds.

I was invited for an Iftar tasting session by Ms.Fasseeha. This was my first visit to Tresind and i totally enjoyed my experience.

The iftar started off with the very famous LAVA LAMP. This drink was prepared right in front of us and we were given detailed explanation of how it was being prepared. Some of the crucial ingredients included dry ice, raspberries and blueberries. It looked stunning while being prepared and tasted absolutely delicious!

We were then served with a tray of Amuse Bouche. Now this was the best variety of Amuse Bouche i have ever experienced! It included Saffron & Almond milk, Edamame with Zaatar, Vegetables in lettuce and parmesan dip, Dates with popped sugar, orange with chicken liver and papaya salad.
I loved the presentation and taste of all these items. It was done wonderfully!

For the Starters, we were served with small portions of each dish which was reasonable enough to have some left out space for the mains and desserts.
The Starters Included:

Tempura Chilli: This dish was unique and different and i totally loved the taste! The dish included chillis which were stuffed with potatoes. It had a mild spicy taste which made me crave for some more!

Corn on the cob: This is one of those dishes which we indians are always opting for a quick bite. Savored with great flavors and spices, this dish was an absolute delicacy!

Buttery Couscous: This dish was made of semolina with more of a buttery taste. Simple yet delicious!

Cream of Mushroom: Being a hardcore lover of mushrooms, i fell in love with this dish. Total justice done with the dish! It was really creamy and filling with great taste.

Keema Pav: This dish included chicken keema which was served along with pav. I had this dish after a very very long time so i was enjoying every little bite of it!

Moving on to mains, we were served with:

Chicken Biryani: The presentation of the briyani was FAB! The biryani was cooked with just the right amount of spices. The chicken pieces were perfectly cooked – not too hard, not too soft but just the way it should be!

Fish Biryani: This biryani was mmre towards the spicy side. So i loved the spices of this biryani more than the chicken biryani. If you are looking for more of a spicy one, go for the fish biryani!
Both the biryanis were served along woth raita which enhanced the taste of biryani.

Butter Chicken: Butter chicken came in a rich tangy gravy – the presentation was stunning! Tastewise, the dish had more of a sweet taste than spicy. Being towards a sweeter spice, yet i loved the dish!

Chicken Roast: Again, the presentation was impressive and infact, the taste was incredible too! The chicken was not at all hard and was easy to cut it into pieces. Its always a delight to have A perfectly cooked chicken!

Bake sea bass: This dish was mainly concentrated in fish. The dish in actual consist of fish and prawn but as i do not eat prawn, the staff was king enough to cook the dish with fish only. This dish is a must try! It was topped with goan masala which enhanced the taste of the dish overall.

Fish curry: The fish curry was cooked in great spices which made it tasty and flavorful.

The best part of the meal is always the DESSERTS!

Deconstructed Black Forest Cake: TRESIND IS A MUST VISIT ESPECIALLY FOR THIS DESSERT. This cake was prepared right in front of us and i was totally AMAZED with the way it was prepared. Some of its ingredients included doda barfi, chocolate cake, hot chocolate sauce and cherries. Its a MUST TRY and can be shared among 3-4 people.

Paan flavored cotton candy: The presentation of this dish was aboultely attractive and mind blowing. Same goes for the taste – i have never ever liked having paan since childhood – but this cotton candy had such a great and unique taste of paan. Iftar couldn’t end in a better way!

TRESIND IS A MUST VISIT PLACE. They have given a real new definition to Indian food. Will definitely be back to try some more of their unique dishes!


Cioccolat Italiani

Cioccolat Italiani Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cioccolat Italiani can be easily located in Boxpark. The restaurant has an ample amount of seating. The ambiance and the interiors are great!

The staff welcomed us with a big smile and made sure we are comfortable.
Our server helped us to make a choice from the menu. Due to a special occasion,we could only taste the vegetarian options on this visit.

We ordered for the Ortolano Sandwich and Bolognese Pasta (made without beef with special request.
Until our order arrives, we were served with freshly baked hot bread which was really fluffy!

The Ortolano sandwich is highly recommended for all the mushroom lovers. Being a huge mushroom fan, i loved this sandwich! It was filled with Aubergines, lettuce, cheese and mushrooms.It was served along with thinly chopped salad and a side dip to go with. The sandwich was really heavy and filling.

The Pasta was one of the best pastas i’ve tried till date! It was creamy and saucy and was topped with cheese flakes. A must try dish at Cioccolat Italiani.

To go with the mains, we ordered for a fresh orange juice and strawberry mojito. The fresh orange juice was refreshing and had a great taste! The presentation of the mojito was stunning and the taste was delicious too!

For the desserts, we tried out the magic sphere, cioccolat fuso bigusto and fondente pastry.
Starting with the cioccolat fuso bigusto, this dessert was a dark and white chocolate shot. It was semi liquid and was absolutely delectable! It tasted just as a melted kinder! So if you are a fan of kinder, do try out this one!

The magic sphere was the highlight of the meal! The dish comes in a sphere and along with warm hot chocolate which is poured when served. As the hot chocolate is poured on the sphere, it melts and opens up to scoops of ice cream which is filled in the sphere. This is a must try dessert! Its absolutely delicious to have the hard chocolate layer of the sphere along with the scoops of ice cream.

Finally, the fondente pastry was served with side hot chocolate and whipped cream. This was a great dessert too but the other dessert options that i tried were better in taste than the pastry.

However, they also offer a signature 9 scoop ice cream bowl and many other dessert options and coffees in their which i will definitely try out on my next visit!

Thanks to Mr. Joe for the invite and Mr.Ian (the manager) to take care of everything!

Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The word “Farzi” here means “to create illusion”. The restaurant has given a modern twist to every dish – this includes the presentation as well as the flavors.

Starting off with the interiors, the interiors here are very pretty – more of goldenish and black, giving a real elegant look to the restaurant.
There is an outdoor as well as indoor seating – comfortable and spacious!

We started off our meal with #AmuseBouche which was Yogurt Shot with Berry – this was to be eaten at one shot as it pops into your mouth! Loved it!

Next were the appetizers:

RAJ KACHORI WITH CRISPY OKRA: We started off with Raj Kachori. The presentation of this dish was absolutely stunning! It was topped with foam of tamarind and filled with yogurt. The crispy okra was a perfect companion of raj kachori and went great along with it!

BUTTER CHICKEN BUNS: These buns were absolutely delicious! They were served in a truck toy – totally loved this concept! The bun was filled with butter chicken and mayonnaise – this combination tasted great together! And being butter chicken lover – this dish was one of the best ones from the ones i tried.

FISH N CHIPS: The presentation of this dish was lovely too – It was served in a cycle and came along with a hummus dip. This is the first time i tried out the fish n chips WITH HUHMMUS. This combination was new and unique – but it actually went really well. The fish was soft and delicious – One of the best fish n chips i’ve tried till date!

Dal Chawal Arancini: All of us just underestimated Dal Chawal! This snack was the hightlight of the meal! Stuffed dal chawal arancini, topped with mayonnaise, mint chutney and papad. Beneath lied a layer of salsa which went very well along with the snack. A must try appetizer!

Chicken Tikka Kulcha: This dish consisted of tiny kulchas topped with chicken tikkas. It looked really cute and taste delish!

For the drinks we were served with Ginger Orange Melody Bunta which was a combination of ginger, basil and mandarine and Hara Apple Bunta which was a combination of granny smith, lime and elderflower! These Buntas are a must try!

We also got to try a drink similar to Pina Colada – it was a combination of coconut water, pineapple and coconut cream with edible chemicals. This was an amazing one! Coconut lovers should definitely try this out!

Carrying on with Main course, Our table included:

PANEER TIKKA: This dish came in a orangish gravy which was made with juicy tomatoes of spain. It included mexican spices called charmola and topped with white sticky balls. The paneer was soft and i totally loved the taste of the gravy too!
It was served along with lacha paratha.

Baingan Bharta: This dish of brinjal was the best dish of the main course. It was served with 3 layers of brinjals and came in a yellow gravy. Highly recommend to try out this one! It was served along with ajwain paratha which tasted delicious too.

Chicken Tikka (Gravy): The presentation of this dish was toooo good! It arrived in a telephone booth of London and was in a shell shaped dish. This dish was amazingg! Being a hardcore chicken lover, this dish was delicious and it was accompained with cheese naan which also was too good!

We also tried out their half meter cola – which had a fusion of strawberries – this was is worth trying! Something unique and different.

This brought us to the last stage of our meal: THE DESSERTS

RAS MALAI TRES LECHES: This RAS MALAI was among the best ones i’ve tried till date! It was topped with few rose petals, saffron and nuts. Also, the way it was presented was lovely! It had a decorative layer of caramelized sugar which was crunchy and tasted great along with ras malai.

BAKLAVA DESSERT: This dessert had a fusion of arabic sweet – baklava. It consisted baklava pastries and was served along with vanilla ice cream. Baklava lovers should definitely try out this one! The pastry was very well stuffed with baklava and dry fruits.

FIRNI RISOTTO: You cannot leave the place without trying this dessert! It was prepared right in front of us on our table. The ingredients included rabdi, Firni Mousse, liquid nitrogen and a dollop of Firni. It was absolutely stunning to watch it being made right in front if you. It tasted amazing – not too sweet and just the right and perfect taste!

I would highly recommend visiting this place. It is one of those place where i liked each and every dish right from the appetizers to desserts. Will definitely be going back to try the other dishes!

Thanks to Ruchi Kamble and Bharat Sharma for arranging the invite!

Red Tomato Pizza Restaurant

Red Tomato Pizza Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The best italian food i’ve had in a very long time! I visited this restaurant as a part of my tasting session.
Its located in Barsha and i was able to locate it easily as the restaurant is available on smart drive RTA, so just had to follow it! Also, there are alot of parking spaces around the restaurant.

The restaurant has wonderful and cute interiors – there is outdoor as well as indoor seating area.
The staff welcomed us friendly and got us seated comfortably.

We started off with a complimentary bread basket served with a garlic dip. The bread tasted fresh and was really filling! The garlic dip was very yummy that we had to order for some more! 😛

Moving to the appetizers, we ordered for Pane Condito all’Aglio. This dish was a crunchy garlic bread baked in wood fire oven and topped with italian mozarella. It was totally worth trying this one. Tip: Have it as soon as its served hot.

From the pasta menu, we ordered for a vegetarian lasagna (Lasagna alle Verdure) – this dish was the highlight of the dinner! The best ever Vegetarian lasagna! The dish included layered sheets of pasta and vegetables blended in a rich tomato sauce and baked crispy in their famous wood fired oven!
We also tasted their Penne Arabiatta – this dish was not upto my expectations – it had more of the tomato tangy taste & wasn’t that great in the flavors.

From the pizza section, we tasted the Pizza al Pollo e Brocolli – this was a spicy chicken pizza. It included broccoli, green capsicum, fresh green chillies and parsley. It was definitely a good option – and was recommended by our server. Moreover, the pizza was thin crusted – so for the ones who love this spicy, chicken and thin crust pizza – should definitely go for it!

For drinks, we order for mango smoothie, berry smoothie and fresh orange juice. Loved all of these! They tasted absolutely delicious and had the perfect taste!

To end it on a sweet note, we ordered for a chocolate fondant and tiramisu (on server’s recommendation). Tiramisu was again the best i’ve tried till date! Please do not leave the place without having this. Even if you are a coffee lover or not, try this dessert, its worth it!
Chocolate fondant took around 25 minutes to be prepared and we were notified about this at the time of our order. It was served along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The fondant cake was soft and moist and was filled with melting ganashe and was served hot! Im a fan of chocolate fondants and make sure to try it at every place i go! The fondant here was great too, but i’ve had better. However, we left the place with happy faces!

The dinner was totally worth it! They have many choices for vegetarians as well, so i highly recommend visiting this place once, and you will be pulled back for more, for sure!

Grand Barbeque

Grand Barbeque Buffet Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This restaurant is A MUST TRY, if you are in search of great and lavish buffet! I was invited by Mr. H.Ghani for a tasting session.
They are offering a wide range in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Starting from salads & soups till the desserts, the choices are abundant! The restaurant also has a live chaat, pasta and ice cream counter! ❤

The salads counter is huge which have different types of salads and dressings to go with. This is the first time im seeing this big salad counter, that too an amazing one!

There are usually two soup choices (veg & non veg) which keeps changing everyday.
The variety of starters in vegetarian and non vegetarian will leave you amazed. Some of the starters that i could try include fish garlic, chichen and vegetarian dimsums, chicken chilly, wood grilled chicken, murgh malai kabab, ajwaini fish, crispy corn, shanghai potato, tandoori fish, aloo pudina tikki, paneer tikka, tandoori fruits and tandoori phool (brocolli and cauliflower). I think i missed out something, the list is just huge!

All the fish – starters were amazing; the fish being too soft and the spices being perfect! My personal favorite was fish garlic (i just loved the combination).But nonetheless, all of them were delicious!

The chicken starters were great too – my personal fav being the chicken chilly! Its actually hard to pick any one starter because all of them were done with perfection with the right amount of spice.

The shanghai potato was ONE HEAVENLY STARTER! If you are a fries and spice lover, you are definitely going to enjoy this dish! It was served around to all the tables since it was a special dish and hence, needed my some special attention!

We helped ourselves with some chaat from the live chaat counter – tried out their pani puri, papdi chaat and dahi puri. Yet again, AN AMAZING PLACE FOR CHAAT! I couldnt find anything wrong in any of these – infact the papdi chaat was the best i've had till date! The presentation of the chaats were also great!

For the main course, they again have a huge variety for vegetarian as well as non vegetarians – Paneer Makhani, Dal Tadka, spicy vegetable noodles, butter chicken, chicken biryani. Im not able to remember more but theres alot to it!
The butter chicken was AWESOME! It had great flavors and went just perfectly along with the biryani!
Since there was a live pasta counter, i got to try their pasta with my own choice of vegtables. I chose the pasta to be in a pink sauce (mix). It tasted fabulous, just like how i wanted it to be! You've got to try their pasta at your visit!

They also offer few snacks for kids like fries and potato croquettes. The potato croquettes were cooked perfectly and had potato stuffed in it!

The desserts counter was never ending – shrikhand, roohafza falooda, gulab jamun, strawberry pastry, different flavors of jelly, marshmallows with chocolate fountain, chocolate wafers, premium quality ice creams AND MUCH MORE! On some days, the desserts keep changing to gajar ka halwa and few more substitutes.

The desserts are worth trying especially the marshmallows (with chocolate fountain), the icecreams and the pastries!

The cost per person is AED 75 on weekdays and AED 79 on weekends. It is totally worth spending this much on this perfect meal!

Jodhpur – Al Murooj Rotana

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A Retro-Innovative themed Iftar at Jodhpur Royal Dining – an unforgettable experience!
Located in Murooj Rotana, this restaurant serves Indian cuisine which is well prepared by Chef Pradeep Khullar and his team.
The interiors are traditional and they have a great indoor and oudoor seating area. A little improvement in the lights would make a better a brighter atmosphere.

After being seated, we were introduced to the theme by Chef Pradeep Khullar.
By the time the iftar meal begin, we were served with some berry mocktails – which was a fusion of blackberries and strawberries – was refreshing!

The meal started off with Pre-Starters which included:
1. Kataifi Dates: The best way to start off an Iftar meal! These seedless dates were filled with Pistachios, Pinenuts and Almonds bound with caramel sauce over a bed of crispy Kataifi pastry. I usually don’t like dates and don’t eat much of them but these were one of a kind dates which were absolutely delicious!

2. Jeera Khari with Herb Yoghurt: These Kharis made me feel quite nostalgic as we used to have it along with tea. The combination of Khari with herb yogurt might sound wierd but it was an amazing combination. The khari was not too fluffy and went well with the yogurt. The herb yogurt was topped with pink peppercorns and it was so tasty that a wiped it off completely!

The next course was Amuse-Bouche which included:
Macaron Chaat: THIS WAS THE STAR OF THE MEAL! Macaron being served as a chaat will sound like a wierd combination but it turned out to be a WOW combination! The macaron was stuffed with tangy filling and served as a chaat with all the elements like crunchy,sour,sweet and chewy.

The next course was Starters which included:
1. Desi Pesto Kabab: Pesto being an italian ingredient was used in making KABAB 😮 This kabab was made with corriander, green chillies and basil pesto and was stuffed with cream cheese and raisins. The kabab was grilled and topped with chutney made of popcorn. Tasting a popcorn chutney for the first time, the taste was quite impressive and delicious.

2. Laban and Ricotta Kabab: This was one dish which was served cold because of the ingredients it contain. The kabab was crispy fried with hung curd and ricotta coated with smoked rose petals. The idea of it being served cold was well justified – the kababs were made really soft and had a great filling. However, if anyone needs it to be served hot, the team can do so too according to the customer’s preferences.

3. Moong Dal Chaat: The combination of dal chawal being too mainstream, Chef Pradeep Khullar came up with this delectable Chaat. This chaat was made of moong dal and topped with various chutneys (one of them being mint chutney)and textures. Those of you who are bored with having dal as a whole – go for this one and the love for dal will begin once again!!

Next comes up the Palate Cleanser which was a Mango Sorbet. This is to clean your palate so that you get ready for main course. THE WAY IT WAS SERVED WAS VERY CUTE – it was served in toy pressure cooker made with Fresh Alphonso puree spiked with kaffir lime leaves & de-hydrated cranberries. This tasted much like a dessert but nope it wasn’t a dessert, just have it like a palate cleanser and you will love it!

The next course was the main course which included:
1. Miniature pav bhaji with garlic maska: THIS PAV BHAJI IS THE TASTIEST PAB BHAJI I’VE EVER HAD. No artificial flavors or pav bhaji masala used, simply made it by all fresh ingredients. The presentation and taste was so impressive that we were curious to know the recipe and Chef Pradeepp Khullar shared the secret recipe with us 🙂

2. Makkai Palak: This dish will sound like a corn and spinach simple dish but thats not the case – the dish contained four different types of corns (Popcorns, Malai Corn, Makkai Pearls & Nachos) with garlic sauted spinach and topped with Red Radish Carpaccio. The dish was spectacular and not being a corn fan – i loved the dish! A must try!

3. Vegetable Biryani: Iftar being incomplete without biryani – This aromatic biryani included layers of vegetables and rice, seasoned with herbs and was served along with burhani raita. The biryani was again, one of the best i’ve tried till date!

The Final ccourse and the best part of any meal – DESSERTS! These included:
1. Ras Malai: Being a ras malai lover, this specific ras malai just increased my love for it! It was served on bed of saffron flavoured milk, topped with milk foam & pistachios & loaded with crisp kataifi for crunch in the dessert. One of the amazing desserts from the Iftar menu!

2. Kesar Malai Kulfi: OMG! Who doesn’t like a Kulfi. Chef Pradeep Khullar and team made it even better by adding crystalized strawberries to the Kulfi. It enhanced the taste of Kulfi giving it a great fruity taste – i loved the idea of topping the kulfi with crystalized strawberries!

We were then served with some post meal digestives which included home-made Aam Papad. Well yes, talking about the theme of retro-innovative, aam papad totally nailed it!

I could try only vegetarian options at this visit, but definitely would love to try out some of the nonveg options soon!
The presentation of all the dishes were extra ordinary! Hatsoff to Chef Pradeep Khullar and his team for coming up such flavorsome food.
Apart from the food, the service was amazing and the staff was very friendly and welcoming!
I will definitely recommend this place for a great finger-licking Iftar meal!