800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

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I was invited to the opening of the recently opened branch of 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Burjuman.
The staff here is very friendly and welcoming. We entered with a warm welcome.
The branch has a spacious seating area with great interiors.

We were served with few items which were new in the menu.
Starting off with Buratta with cherry tomatoes & Pesto – this dish was a great start to a meal. It was really filling and yummy – loved every bit of it!

Following, we tried out the Fiery feta cheese bread. This was something totally different i had tried! I highly recommend this to all the cheese lovers. The dish was like a spicy cheese bread with great flavors!

We were then served with potato wedges. Being a wedges lover, i loved this one! The wedges were topped with grated parmesan and cooked perfectly!

In the mains, we tried out the chicken pizza and pollo pasta with chicken. Keeping it simple, the pizza had a cheesy base and topped with lots of chicken! The pasta had great fusion of spices and loved its unique taste!

The service was great and really quick! This place is definitely worth a try if you are looking for some great options in pizza and pasta.



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Tortilla specializes in Mexican cuisine, mainly targeting Burritos, Quesadillas, Nachos and Tacos.

It is conveniently located in the food court of Festival City. They have a really good and spacious seating area. The restaurant works on self – service.

At this visit, i tried out the Nachos Queso, California Burrito and Vegetarian Quesadillas,
Nachos Queso: This dish had tortilla chips topped withcheese sauce, jalapenos, pieo de gallo and guacamole. This dish was totally worth trying. Perfectly done and delicous, it was really filling and can be shared among 2 people really well.

California Burrito: I selected this Burrito from the Favorites column. It was stuffed with chicken, tomato rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa sauce. I opted to remove the black beans but when the burrito was served, it did have the black beans. The reason could be because of the crowd due to the weekend. Regardless, the burrito tasted quite good and had a great filling of rice.

Vegetarian Quesadillas: The Quesadillas also included the black beans, but i got it removed and this time they did it the right way! I loved this dish! There was 4 slices and it was served along with sour cream. The combination went really well! It had a great filling of veggies and cheese. It was not too heavy, which was the best part of the dish.

For the drinks, we tried out the lime margarita. This dish was refreshing and yummy! I highly recommend it!
Their menu did include some fresh juices, but they dint have any fresh juice available.

The dishes are prepared in front of you and done absolutely great!
In all, this restaurant is a must try for some great mexican food!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A perfect evening spent with great company and amazing food! I was invited for a food discovery session at GBK.

The evening started with a wide variety of salads – we tried out the Goat cheese salad which tasted fresh and delicious; halloumi and strawberry salad – this salad had a unique combination and was really yummy! The next salad was the GBK salad whch was a combination of mixed leaves, red onion, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and GBK dressing.

Following the salads, we were served with the GBK Platter, golden fried shrimps and fries. The Platter included onion rings, grilled halloumi bites and chicken wings. These were served along with 3 dips – blue cheese, Sweet Chilli and Smoked Chilli.

The onion rings were delicious and crunchy and went great along with the sweet chilli dip and the smoked chilli mayo. The grilled halloumi bites were yummy and chewy – loved the way they were served! (I tried only the vegetarian options)

I then ordered for a Raspberry Mojito – this drink was absolutely refreshing! It had a great twist of raspberry and was really tasty that i got it refilled for a second one! Totally recommend this drink!

Moving towards burgers, i tried out the veggie stack burger which had a filling of eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, capsicum, sweet potato and pesto. Not being a great fan of eggplant in a burger, I got the eggplant removed from it.
The burger was delicious and very filling. It was huge and could be easily shared amongst 2 people. It had a unique taste and i loved the fact of sweet potato inside the burger which enhanced its taste!

We also tried out 3 different types of fries including the sweet potato fries, crunchy fries and the skinny fries! Loved these fries – all of them were yummy in their own way! Highly recommend to try these out!

GBK also offers a great variety of chicken and beef burgers. They also have a falafel burger in their vegetarian options which is a unique one! T
It also offers bunless burgers if anyone requires only the filling without the bun.

This place is worth trying if youu are a fan of burgers! I’ll definitely be back to try out other options.

Wing Stop

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If you are craving for wings, this is one of the places that will definitely satisfy your craving!
This place an indoor as well as outdoor seating area and some great interiors are good music to go along!

I visited this place with a group of friends on a weekday for lunch. We seated ourselves and comfortably and decided on the order.
We went for a 24 pc family pack which includes french fries/rice; coleslaw/baked beans; 2 dips (ranch, mustard, cheddar cheese); 3 rolls and 24 chicken wings.
In this family pack, you can chose 3 flavors from among 11 flavors.

However, since this was a tasting session, they let us choose various flavors so we can taste as much!

So we tasted around 7 different flavors. My favorite among all of them was the ATOMIC one! If you love spicy food, you should definitely try this out. Its really hot and spicy which was the best part of this flavor. But if you cant take much spicy food, you should just stay away from this flavor.

My next favorite was the MANGO HABANERO, this one had a sweet flavor to it which was much needed after having the atomic one! Taste was really good – not much mango-ish flavor but more to a sweetish side.

The Louisana rub was again a spicy one but less spicy than the atomic. This one also had a good spice punch to it! Recommended to spice lovers.

Next we tried out the mild and original hot wings – these wings had more of a tangy flavor to it. Tobasco fans will love these ones!

The lemon pepper and Garlic Parmesan – these wings were towards a dry side. But among the two, i preferred the lemon pepper one as i liked the combination and the taste of that flavor! The Garlic Parmesan had parmesan flakes sprinkled all over the wings which gave a great look to the wings.

We had replaced our fries with loaded fries – these fries are a must try if you are visiting this place and also if you are craving for some great fries! The fried were topped with chopped jalapenos, ranch and bacon. We got the bacon removed as we don’t consume that, but still loved the dish!

The coleslaw and the rolls went great along with the wings; especially the ranch dip which was yummy!

The fountain drinks here have free refills which was a good part and which is needed in great amount to go along with some spicy wings!

Coming to the service, the staff was really helpful and friendly, they made sure to provide us with what we needed and gave us a good intro on all the flavors.
Thanks to Mr Ayub for the invite and for the great hospitality. Will be back soon for more!


Barsalata Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Barsalata opened in September 2015 and is one of those restaurants which specializes in salads. They have a wide variety of salads and other than this you also get an option to build your own salad where you can chose your own veggies, cheeses, toppings and from 16 different types of dressings.

Other than salads, the restaurant also offers great variety of snacks, breakfast items, drinks, tea and coffee.

I was recently invited to a food discovery session at Barsalata.
As it was iftar time, we started off the meal with dates and a Sparkling Sumac drink. This drink was really refreshing and had infusion of spices to it which enhanced the taste. Perfect for this weather!

We were then served with Tomato Strawberry Gazpacho. This dish tasted more like a cold tomato soup. Highly recommended to tomato lovers!
Following this, we were served with the most unique dish i’ve ever had – FALAFEL MUFFIN! These falafel muffins tasted great along with tahina which was served with these muffins.

We were then served with different salads. Starting off with the Mediterranean Freekeh Salad. This salad had a combination of freekeh,chickpea, labneh, chilli flakes, lemon squeeze and much more! The salad had a base of labneh which was absolutely delicious. Highly recommended to labneh lovers!

Following this, we were served with The Twenty salad which includes 20 ingredients! The salad had amazing combination of veggies and was really filling!

Along with this came the Green Glow fresh juice. This juice was absolutely refreshing – it consisted of cucumber, spinach, broccoli and fresh mint. Absolutely healthy and tasty!

We then tried out their grilled cheese sandwich. OH MY! This sandwich had cheese melting from all sides! The cheese used in were mozzarella and white cheddar cheese and the bread was really good too which was from Baker and Spice. The sandwich was served with date and mustard dip which went great along with the sandwich. With or without the dip, the sandwich was yummy!

Coming towards the end of the meal, i then tried out the Flourless Brownie. Inspite of being flourless, this brownie was among the best i’ve had! So rich and moist, this brownie will definitely satisfy your sweet craving. Do not leave the place without trying this one!!

Ending the meal with some high quality varieties of tea and coffee with great flavors!

Overall, i had a fabulous experience at Barsalata and its a must try if you are looking for some healthy options in Downtown!

Flavours – Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham

I was invited to the media iftar at Flavours – Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham last week.
The hotel is conveniently located at The Walk,JBR. With a warm welcome, the hotel management led us to the restaurant.
The restaurant has a great ambiance with spacious seating. There were different buffet counters to make it convenient for us to start and end the meal with.

We started off with some salad options and various bread options. The best bread i tried out was the zaatar bread. It was round shaped bread topped with ample amount of zaatar. Being a fan of zaatar, i loved this bread.

I then moved on to the soup section which included the cream of mushroom. This soup was delicious, warm and had great flavour of mushrooms!

I then tried out the hummus and fattoush from the cold mezze counter. This was accompanied with Arabic bread. Hummus tasted really good and rich. Fattoush was delectable too!

Moving onto starters, i tried out vegetarian samosas, falafel and Dauphinoise Potato. The samosas were tiny and scrumptious and had a great filling of veggies.
The falafel was among the best i’ve had till date! Dauphinoise Potato was something different i had come across. This dish looked really yummy as it had cheese topped on sliced potatoes. This was my favorite starter and i truly loved it! Highly recommended to cheese lovers!

There was also a live ocunter of shish tawook which looked really fresh but i couldn’t try it out as i had to keep some space for desserts as well.

For the mains, i tried out the vegetable biryani and vegetarian curry. The biryani was yummy with great fusion of flavours and spices. The vegetarian curry was cooked properly but lacked some spices and i din’t like that much.

Moving on to the best part of any mean i.e. DESSERTS. The desserts counter here was one of a kind!! Brilliant and wide variety of options with very impressive presentation!

I tried out the chocolate mousse cake – this cake was epic! So rich, moist and chocolaty! Next, i tried out the TIRAMISU – i din’t feel like eating and spoiling the presentation of this dessert – Stunning presentation and delish tastewise – loved this one! Next on the list was the red velvet cake – the presentation of this cake was also too good & tastewise the cake was moist and tasty. But i’ve had better red velvet cakes before.
Then, i tried out the raspberry jar, chocolave (mousse),chocolate mud brownies – all of them were sensational and irresistable!

There was much more to the desserts and fruits counter. There also lied a wide variety of arabic sweets, cupcakes and mini donuts.

The iftar here lacks much vegetarian options but in all the iftar is reasonably priced even if you just have the desserts! They’re worth it!