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A healthy concept which would satisfy your crave for pizza as well as maintain your diet. Made of 80% water and lesser proportion of yeast – this concept is worth trying out! There are wide varieties of pinzas to choose from including vegetarian and non vegetarian. The vegetarians are going to love this place due to alot of choices in vegetarian.

I visited the business bay branch as a part of a tasting session. The place can be easily located on the back side of Sobha ivory tower 1. However, parking can be a problem as the tower is located on the main road.

Since its a small place, there is a limited seating area. However, the place have amazing interiors with great fusion of blue and yellow color. The staff is sweet and welcoming and takes care of everything.

We tasted 4 flavors at this visit – Urthie, Truffle Goodness, Veggielicious and Amore alla parmigiana. I loved all the flavors, but the Urthie and Amore alla parmigiana were my favorites among all!

Urthie: This had a topping of Caramelized onion, potato,mozzarella, Balsamic vinegar and rosemary. Potato in a pizza was a unique combination and i totally loved it. The caramelized onions enhanced the taste of the pinza even more! A must try for all the vegetarians.

Amore alla Parmigiana: This pinza was topped with mozzarella, aubergine (eggplant) and parmigiano(Parmesan). So simple yet so tasty – this is a must try for the eggplant lovers!

Truffle Goodness: Being a mushroom lover, i loved this pinza! Topped with portobello mushrooms, truffle and parsley. You could actually taste the truffle flavor so well along with loads of mushrooms topped with it.

Veggielicious: This is definitely for all the veggie lovers as it has a combination of veggies like olives, red and yellow peppers and mushrooms. A great twist of veggies along with mozzarella!

All the pinzas were made so well and so light. Its not like a regular pizza which makes you feel overfull after even having 2-3 pieces. A light and healthy option.

For desserts, we tried out the nutella and nutella with banana pinza. This is a MUST TRY for all the nutella lovers. So delicious and crispy with hot melted nutella made it taste even better! Its definitely one of the best nutella desserts i’ve tried till date. A more biased towards nutella with banana as the banana just added more flavor to nutella and taste heavenly!

The pinza could also be ordered for delivery – which i’ll be doing soon to try the non vegetarian options!!


Ayam Elezz

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A beautifully decorated restaurant in The Mall, Jumeirah. The restaurant has a beautiful view of jumeirah beach hotel and burj al arab with some great quircky interiors.

Restaurant also offers shisha and have a separate seating for the same. I loved this concept as the people who don’t like to smoke shisha can be seated in a different area without any disturbance. There is also an ample and spacious seating area with great music going to enjoy and relax.

I could try out only the vegetarian dishes at this visit. I was not expecting many dish options for vegetarians but to my surprise – there were many of them.


Fattoush: From the Salads section, we tried out the Fattoush salad. This dish was presented well and in great quantity. Additionally, the use of pomegranate sauce in it enhanced the taste of the dish. It was prepared with fresh lettuce, cucumber and other fresh vegetables.

Cold Mezze

Hummus Ayam Elezz: This was personal favorite from all the dishes i tried. Along with boiled chickpeas and tahini, it was mized with fresh vegetables which was the best part of the dish. This was the first time i had come across with a unique and different Hummus recipe and it actually became my favorite from this place.

Kebbet Lentil: The presentation of this dish was marvellous! A simple dish made with the mixture of lentil, burgul and tomato paste and topped with pomegranate sauce. The dish had great taste of lentil – a bit of salt and pepper would make it better. Nonetheless, the dish was so light and healthy – loved the simplicity!

Raheb: The management suggested us to try out this dish as it was one of their bestsellers. It is an eggplant dish with fresh vegetables, garlic and pomegranate seeds. I found it more towards to sour side so din’t like it much. However, the quantity served was good enough for a group of 3.

Loubeih Bel Zeit: This dish was a combination of green beans with white onion, garlic and olive oil. I preferred this dish over Raheb and loved the unique taste. Again, the quantity if the dish was well enough for 3-4 people.

Vine Leaves: I can’t get over the presentation of this dish. Stuffed with tomato, white rice and fresh vegetables, these leaves were wrapped up and presented so well. An amazing fusion of vegetables with great taste!

Hot Mezze

Batata Harra: The batata harra was a simple spicy potato dish cooked with garlic, corriander and chilli. Being a potato lover, i loved this dish – simple yet so delicious.

Spinach Sambousek: The Sambousek was filled with spinach and cooked perfectly. A healthy option for all while satisfying the crave for sambousek.

Cheese Rolls: Oh, im still craving for these even while writing this review. Filled with lots of cheese and cooked so perfectly – i couldn’t resist but having 2 of them. Highly recommend it to all the cheese lovers.

All in all, a great place for lebanese food even for vegetarians as there are so many options that you’d get confused as to what to opt for! Will definitely be backk to try out the non vegetarian items.


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A definite place to visit if you are craving for some really good desserts especially if you are a lotus or nutella lover!

It might not be a task to find it if you have your navigation on but if not, might be a bit of task to locate it.

As a part of the tasting session, we got to try out various desserts,slush and laban that they offer.

1. Brownies Crepe: This crepe was done fabulously, stuffed with loads of brownies and topped with milk and white chocolate which adds up to the sweetness of the crepe. It can be easily shared among 2-3 people.

2. Lotus crepe: This crepe was stuffed with crushed lotus biscuits and topped with lotus biscoff and a lotus biscuit. I highly recommend it to all the lotus lovers. This definitely is one of the best lotus desserts i’ve tried tilll date!

3.Sushi Crepe: This was my favorite among all! I just loved the fusion of a sushi with a crepe which is stuffed with brownies. Totally worth trying!It was topped with milk and white chocolate and strawberry to give tangy taste to all the sweetness.

4.Oman Chips Laban: This laban will definitely take you back to your childhood. The combination of oman chips with laban might sound wierd and not that appealing at first but will definitely leave you amazed. The taste is unique and definitely calls for a one time try!

5.Cheetos Laban: This has the same concept as oman chips laban, except that the oman chips is replaced with cheetos so its more towards the spicy side. If you are a spice lover then you might prefer this one over oman chips.

6.Nutella Jar: This jar is worth the price. Huge and so filling – it will make you fall in love with nutella all over again! I highly recommend it to all the nutella lovers.

The presentations if all the items were fabulous and done really well! They can also write your name if requested (on certain orders). Will definitely be back to try more from this place.

Icons Coffee Couture

Icons Coffee Couture Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Icons Coffee Couture recently opened its door in their new branch in the Trade Centre Area. I was invited to the grand opening of the same which was done by Riz Khan, the popular CNN anchor.

Icons Coffee Couture is one of those concepts which is sticking to Natural, handmade and Zero Sugar added to sweets. The CEO and founder,  Elena Weber and the German Executive Chef Lara Allegra Lange  gave us a brief on the concept of Icons Coffee.

Their initiative of this healthy concept would let all the dessert lovers satisfy their cravings as well as stay healthy.

At the event, we were served with some great naturally sweetened & gluten free coffees. We were served with a Moroccan Mint Froztea which is also a Vegan Option. It was cool and refreshing. Something which you will definitely need in this hot weather.

One of the amazing option is the Brownie Frappe and Dates Frappe. Imagine satisfying all your sweet cravings by have the brownie frappe which does not even have any sugar added – simply naturally sweetened!

Apart from these, we also indulged in various Pastries including the Macadamia Brownie, Hazelnut Beetroot Muffin and Carrot Cake.

The Macadamia brownie was filled with Macadamia nuts. It was a moist and soft brownie with great texture. As there is zero sugar added, it was not too sweet but just perfectly sweet. The Hazelnut Beetroot Muffin is the healthiest option in the muffins you could ever get!

This German chain have also introduced Stevia (herb) food items. They also offer Kopi Luwak which is the world’s most expensive coffee.

Apart from pastries and coffees, you can also enjoy sandwiches,wraps, healthy salads and toasties.

This place is a must visit if you are looking for a quick bite or healthy options especially if you are nearby. There is ample number of parking spaces available and the location can be found right next to world trade centre metro station.




Queens Beauty Lounge

Queens Beauty Lounge can be conveniently located in Marina and JLT.

I got to visit the one in JLT. The staff welcomed with a great smile and offered me a Detox drink to relax.




The place is big enough with great interiors! There’s some relaxing music going on in the background to help you relieve all your stress.

I went for the signature orange manicure – pedicure.

The staff started off with massaging my hands and legs with some orange gel which was a great start to this mani-pedi.


This massage is really relaxing especially if you had a really tiring day!


Following this, they applied a orange and ginger mask to my hands and legs and wrapped with a transparent wrapper.




The treatment continued to scrubbing, trimming and filing the nails, cutting out excessive skin and shaping. While this treatment is going on, you can continue relaxing and enjoying the detox water.

They gave me an option of wide variety of colors by Essie. I chose for the metallic gold.




The nailpaint was applied over a transparent basecoat and topped over a top coat.



image.jpegFor my hands, the staff suggested a french manicure. The colors used were metallic gold and white. I loved the combination! The staff are trained really well.



They would help you to make the right choice and suggest you some really good combinations. I loved the staff of this salon, they were friendly and made me feel so comfortable!

I highly recommend this to all to try it out for once! I’m definitely going to be back to try out more services from here.




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A place which is open 24/7 and serving all 3 meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time of the day!!

This place can be conveniently located with abundant parking spaces. Additionally, it has a big and spacious seating area on ground as well as upstairs.

The staff here is friendly and welcoming, making sure that the customers are comfortable.
We started off with our drinks order first. I ordered for a banana – strawberry smoothie. This smoothie was yummy! I could get equal taste of both the fruits. It was blended perfectly with the right amount of sweetness.

We were then served with salads – Cranberry Chicken Apple Salad and Philly Cob Salad. The presentation of the salads were outstanding! The Cranberry salad had grilled seasoned chicken breasts, dried cranberries and much more. It is served with a dressing of your choice. The Philly Cobb salad’s best part was that it was topped with boiled eggs. This salad is a must try if you going especially for breakfast.

In the appetizers, we tried out the Zesty Nachos. These nachos were mouth watering!! It was topped with shredded cheddar cheese, seasoned nacho meat and freshly made pico de gallo and sour cream. A must have Appetizer!

For mains, i tried out the BBQ Chicken Fillet. I absolutely loved this dish! It included seasoned chicken breasts topped with mushrooms, bell peppers and onions and is served along with broccoli and red skinned potatoes. Im not a bbq fan but this dish was worth it! Highly recommend it!

They also have a wide range of pancakes which is a must try from this place. They are known for the pancakes – so definitely worth a try!