Kris With a View

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Kris with a view is located on the 19TH floor of Park Regis Kris Kin hotel. As the name suggests, the place gives you a fabulous panoramic view of Dubai to enjoy along with some fun theme nights! Moreover, there is a definite enhancement in the ambiance due to the live entertainment and music.
Kris with a View offers theme nights on each day of the week:

1. Mondays: Pot Around – From steaming Asian soups and noodles to exotic Oriental curries and coconut-gravy sweets.
2. Tuesdays: Ochi Sushi Night – featuring a selection of sushi and sashimi accompanied with soups, Asian salads and sweets.
3. Wednesdays: Seafood Night – Offering a wide variety of seafood selection ranging from calamari, prawns, lobsters, oysters, crabs, shellfish to salmon, sea bass and many other fresh fish.
4. Thursdays: Pan Asian Night – discover the very best of Pan Asian specialties buffet from Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan and India surrounded by the unique panoramic views of Dubai.
5. Fridays: Indian-Malaysian Flavours – a buffet of authentic cuisines from India and Malaysia.

Additionally, its menu entices you to discover some of region’s greatest culinary traditions including Thailand, China, Malaysia, Japan, India and Arabia.

I recently tried out their Pan Asian Night which included a buffet from China, Thailand, Japan and india.

Starting with some soups – there was a choice of hot & sour chicken soup and Lentil soup. The lentil soup was a bit thick but was great to along with some vegetable crackers and garlic crackers (Including in these were prawn crackers as well).

For starters, there were vegetarian and chicken spring rolls, vegetable pakoras and chicken lollipop. The most fascinating part comes here : A LIVE NOODLE STATION! Pick your choice of noodles, veggies, meat and look at it being prepared right in front of you! I chose for the yellow noodles along with some veggies and the result was fabulous! I loved these noodles and the flavors used to the next level.
The vegetable spring rolls were served along with chinese sweet and spicy sauce. The rolls were not at all oily and were delicious!

Continuing with this, there was a sushi counter with various flavors and great variety of salads to chose from. The variety here was huge, of course mostly non vegetarian but there were vegetarian sushis and salads as well which makes up a room for the vegetarians out there!

Coming to the Mocktails, cocktails and juices; we opted for a fresh orange juice and berry times 3 mocktail. The mocktail had a great taste as it had the combination of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries – the presentation and the taste was too good!

For the main course, there was wide variety of malaysian and indian dishes including, stir fried vegetables, butter chicken, fish mains, dal fry, steamed rice, biryani and much more!
We ordered for some mains in chinese and indian cuisines: veg fried rice, paneer tikka masala and gobi manchurian. The dishes came in a reasonable quantity enough for 2 people.
We were craving for some chinese; and gobi mancurian truely satisfied this craving! Less gravy & more towards dry – the dish was tasty and spicy!
The paneer in the gravy was soft and fresh which was the best part of the dish. The gravy was made with tomato gravy.

The desserts counter included various options such as indian sweets, cakes and creme brulee. The creme brulee was presented in a tiny bowl and had the perfect amount of sweetness.
Indian sweets included burfi, jalebi, gulab jamun, petha and much more!
We also tried their chocolate cake which was topped with chocolate sauce and strawberries. The cake was soft & moist and the tangy taste of strawberries helped balance the sweetness of the cake.

The place is a must visit if you are craving for various cuisines and also one of those romantic restaurant to relax while enjoying the panaromic view of Dubai.


The Stuffed Burger Co.

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This recently opened burger joint in Dubai has become one of my favorites among all the burger joints in Dubai. Located on the Jumeirah road, this place offers some amazing stuffed burgers,sliders, desserts and much more!
As soon as you enter, there’s always a staff to welcome you and lead you to the table.

The menu is small and precise. The menu offers 3-4 choices of sides & among 5-6 options of signature stuffed burgers – all of them contain beef so i couldn’t try any of those but the flavors were mouth watering!
There are sliders with choices in chicken and beef as well.

We started off with few sides: loaded fried which were topped with cheese, grilled onions and a secret sauce! (It includes bacon as well, but we got it removed).
Next we tried were the Onion rings – usually the onion rings that we have tried out are mostly too oily but these rings were not that oily at all! They were served hot and crispy and we loved its taste! (On server’s recommendation)
Next on our table were the jalapeno poppers! This has been my favorite side since forever! The jalapeno poppers from here is one of those dishes that will satisfy your cheese and jalapeno craving to the next level!

We ordered for an oreo and lotus milkshake to go along with it! The lotus milkshake is one of their signatures and most ordered one so we were recommended to try it out by our server. It was WORTH IT! One of the best lotus milkshakes i’ve tried. It was not too thick and neither too thin but was very filling and had a great taste of lotus. A must have for all the lotus lovers!

On my visit, i tried out the Garden Burger which is the only Vegetarian burger they offer. The stuffing used in this burger is ample and the taste is so yummy that the choice of only veg burger is well well justified with this one option! The veggies used in this burger includes a vegetable patty, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, cheese topped with the Company Sauce. This Company Sauce is their signature sauce and is a must must try! Its not too spicy and neither sweet, but just with the perfect flavor! The burger was very juicy and filling!!

We also made our own custom sliders which included mushrooms, grilled onions, lettuce and cheddar cheese. The slider included 2 pieces but were very filling. Being a mushroom fan, we loved the taste of these sliders – and was perfect just as we wanted!

This joint offers only one dessert and this dessert will not even let you look for more options! The Lotus & White Chocolate cake is what its called and its now my favorite lotus dessert in town!! The cake is soft and moist – a combination of hot and cold makes the dessert even better.
If you are a lotus & burger lover, please do head to this place asap!

Waffle Factory

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All the way from Belgium, Waffle Factory is now open in Dubai!! Located in Burjuman, right beside Carrefour this place has alot to offer – it includes sweetened as well as savoury waffles. There are 4 different types of waffles: LunchWAF, Liege Waffle, Waffine and Brussels Waffle. All the waffles’ dough are prepared fresh in the morning and changed to a new set in the evening.

The savoury waffles are served in a LunchWAF which is more like a stuffed pizza. There are 8 different savoury flavors for LunchWAF. I got to try the Chicken Tikka, 3 Cheese and the Italian LunchWAF flavors. The Chicken Tikka LunchWAF was the best one out of all! The idea of chicken tikka stuffed in a waffle was too good! This waffle was mild spicy so it can be consumed by all!
The 3 cheese waffle included gouda, goat cheese and emmental – not being a fan of gouda, i din’t like this savoury waffle much. But definitely recommend it to gouda cheese lovers.
The Italian LunchWAF included Chicken, goat cheese, pesto and gouda. This savour waffle was also a good one with not much flavor of gouda. The pesto did justice to the waffle flavor – ITALIAN!

We also tasted their chocolate and strawberry milkshakes. These milkshakes were truely delicious! They were made with icecrames from movenpick which are one of the best icecreams!

For sweetened waffles, we tried the belgium dark chocolate liege waffle, the lotus waffine and nutella brussels waffle with strawberries.
I loved all the waffles, the freshness and the crisp of the waffle was felt so well! The belgium dark chocolate liege waffle was yummy and i highly recommend to all the dark chocolate lovers. Being a dark chocolate, it was slightly towards the bitter side but is definitely worth a try!
The lotus waffine is a waffle type which had stuffed lotus biscoff topped with cream. One of the best lotus desserts, it was mildly sweet – the cream on the top balanced the sweetness well!
The nutella brussels waffle was an amazing one too! This waffle was the most crispiest and the sweetness was totally justified. We chose to accompany with some fruits and whipped cream which enhanced the taste of waffle.

To end our meal, we tasted the raspberry sorbet icecream, chocolate icecream and Tiramisu – it was the best way to end our meal as the ice cream was one of the best from movenpick!

This place is definitely a must visit one especially when you are craving some good savoury and sweet waffles!


VANIDAY is an online beauty platform which will solve all your problems for finding some great salons near you, comparing the prices of salons and booking an appointment with one of them. This app is available in both App Store and Google play store. One can find and book beauty and wellness service anytime & anywhere! This app also offers beauty deals or packages that different salons are offering for a limited time, one can scan through these deals and book for a package suitable for them. VANIDAY can be used by both men & women as it shows barber shops nearby for men as well as ladies salons or salons both for men and women.

Steps to book an appointment through VANIDAY are as follows:



As you launch the app, the home screen of app will be shown as in the above picture. The home page will have an option of scanning through the beauty deals, hair services, nails services, makeup services, aesthetics, hair removal, massage and much more in salons nearby and around you. At the same time, instead of scanning through these, one can also type out the type of service they are looking for in the search bar on top. Lets take an example of “Manicure”.


As you type “Manicure” in the search bar, all the salons nearby you will be listed which offer manicure services. You can look through all the salons in that area while comparing the prices  and reviews of each. The services will also show approximately how much time will it take for it to be completed.


You can now select the most appropriate and convenient salon for you and the service you would like to go for in that specific salon. At this time,again, you can see the price of the service just as a confirmation.

After selecting the service you need, you will see the following screen on your phone. The screen shows you the duration and price of the service. If you want to confirm this service, click on “Book” or “Cancel” to look for other salons.


After clicking on “Book”, you will be able to see the different available dates and timings to book for the service as shown above. Choose a date and time as per your convenience.


After selecting the most appropriate date and time, you will see the above screen on your phone. If you want to get the service done with some specific staff of the salon, you can choose her/his name or just go for any staff from the salon. The screen also shows the payment details – the payment can be done in the salon itself or online at the time of booking. For booking online, you need to link a card and the fee will be debited from the card only when you avail the service. Online payment will also allow you to use a voucher code if you have any. Also, you can also get a discount on your first booking on VANIDAY, you can look for the code on the app. Once you have booked and paid, you will get a confirmation call from the salon as they get to know a  booking has been done!

Booking a beauty treatment has not been this simple before. It can be booked so conveniently on your fingertips from anywhere & anytime. Head to for more!



Carnival by Tresind

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One of the most awaited launch by Tresind group – Carnival by Tresind! I was invited to the pre-launch tasting here. As the concept suggests, right from the interiors to food to welcome by staff all is done just the way its done in a carnival.
The beautiful interiors along with dim & romantic lighting creates a great ambiance for the customers to enjoy!

As we entered, the staff directed us to our table an welcomed us in the “carnival style” i.e. by blowing bubbles all around our table. This welcome was something very unique and got a smile to our faces.
We were offered the Chef’s special Vegetarian set menu which included 15 courses. 15 courses might sound something impossible to have but since the portions were small, the meal was perfect to fill your stomach well!

To begin with, we were served with some goli sodas flavored Kaala Khatta & Mango Passion. These sodas were refreshing, icy and were much needed in this weather!
The first course was the mini pumpkin kulcha which was presented very well! The dish was named as “Happy Haloween” – the presentation was done with some props related to haloween, giving full justice to the dish! The kulcha tasted good with mild spice and the right amount of softness and crunch.

The second course was “Makhan Phal” – this dish was a cocoa butter hive with avocado and lime cream. An absolutely unique combination and worth trying! As soon as u have it, it will melt in your mouth with a burst of flavors of avocado and lime.

The third course was the “La tomatina beverage soup”. The way it was presented, din’t even look like that it was a soup. The dish included a small soup bowl/cup and a bottle which was kept above crushed ice. The soup was inside the bottle and the bottle was covered with a cheese bread stick. As the name suggests, the soup was a cold one with tomato essence. The soup was to be poured into the bowl to be drank. An amazing concept with a great taste. Experienced a cold soup for the first time and was amazed with its taste.

The fourth course was “life is short eat desserts first”. Not to wait till the end for the dessert, the carnival team came up with an appetizer cum dessert. It was a jabeli chaat which included yogurt mousse, potatoes and chickpeas as a part of the chaat and a jalebi topped on top as a part of the desserts. The sweet and sour taste was to die for! Loved the idea and flavors in this appetizer. Highly recommended!

The fifth course was named as “Florets”. This dish was presented in a flower vase with such beautiful appearance! Along with few flowers, there were two cauliflower florets kempu which was served along with chilli and coconut chutney. Being a cauliflower lover, i loved this dish to bits! The chutney went great along with the florets.

The sixth course was the “Malai Baraf”. The dish was served in a glass shaped ice which was kept above some crushed ice. The glass contained of lithci granita, rose water and fresh milk skin. It was a great refreshment to awaken your taste buds.

The seventh course is known as the “Game of Corns” – This dish consisted of corn curd and coconut cutlets with some sweet corns in the side. Even thought im not a big fan of corns, i couldn’t resist myself from having it! It was served along with goji berry chutney and kewpie mayo and went great along with the cutlets. A must try appetizer!

The eighth course was my personal favorite and the bestest appetizer! Its known as the “Vada Pav Service”. Vada pav is of those snacks in India which is loved by each and everyone. Its is a typical snack consumed by the Mumbai mill workers, and as a token of appreciation, the Carnival team has come up with a great concept. Chef Rahul Rana came dressed as one of the mill workers with a tool box along. This tool box contained all the ingredients to make the vada pav. The vada pav is hence, made right in front of you! The preparation, presentation and the taste is something i don’t have words for!! WORTH WORTH TRYING THIS ONE IF YOU ARE A REAL SPICE AND VADA PAV LOVER!

For drinks, I tried their strawberry + basil Barbaric Fizz and the lemon & lychee lemonade. The drinks here are worth trying! I loved the strawberry barbaric fizz – it had great twist of strawberries along with soda. The presentation of each drink was different – one of the drinks was served on a toy frog and is named as “Crazy Frog” – this concept was like drinking from the brain of the toy frog as the drink was placed on the frog’s brain. Other drink was served in a garden kind of holder with plants on – the bar tender plucked some of the leaves, burnt it and topped it on the drink for the reason of aroma! The presentations were outstanding!

The ninth course was the palate cleanser before we start off with main course. The palate cleanser was called “Oranjee” – it was a orange and kaffir lime popsicle – a concept very similar to an ice lolly!

The tenth course was the “gol hatti”. This dish was served in a round dish which consisted of chandni chowk’s famous palak chole, steamed kulcha and carrot pickle salad. The presentation and taste was fab! Will definitely remind you of mum cooked food!

The 11th course was the “dal phulka” – this dish was presented in the way of cappuccino and cookies. The dal served in a cup resembled the cappuccino and the phulka resembled cookie – hard and crispy!


The 12th course was the “go bananas”. This dessert consisted of a toffee panacotta, pie tuile and ilaichi banana ice cream “banoffee pie”. The toffee panacotta was something not to be missed on! A perfect dessert side – not too sweet, just the perfect! The pie tuile was a caramelized banana with banana ice cream – the three duos made a great combination!

The 13th course was “the betels” – this was a concept of macarons along with paan/betel. The green macarons were made of paan/betel and stuffed with gulkand (preserve of rose petals). Such a refreshing dessert with sweet paan! Recommended to all the paan lovers!

The 14th course was the “kappi” – this was my favorite dessert! The dessert consisted of a toffee filled with filter coffee with some side lotus seeds. The coffee toffee was amazing – make sure u have it in one bite, the coffee filling wil burst in your mouth with such a good coffee flavor! The lotus seeds were nuetral flavored just in case the coffee is too strong for you. Also, the coffee cup was filled with chocolate chips as a part of presentation but ofcourse can be consumed as well! 😉

The last but not the least 15th course was the “Rustom” – this dish is inspired by bombay’s famous k rustom’s ice cream sandwich!! These miniature ice cream sandwiches were to die for! These tiny sandwiches were presented in a parsi style house, giving full justice to the concept of the dish!

Carnival by Tresind has a different concept from Tresind. The theme matches their concept and is worth trying once if you would love to taste some post modernist indian cuisine!

California Pizza Kitchen

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California Pizza Kitchen recently opened their doors in Dubai Festival City. The restaurant space is huge with spacious seating area and great interiors. The restaurant also includes an open kitchen from where you can see the food being prepared.

I visited the place on a weekday. The staff welcomed us whole heartedly and helped to find the best table to get us seated. We were then familiarized with some of their newly introduced non vegetarian options. Unfortunately, i could try only the vegetarian options. The staff suggested us some of the best vegetarian appetizers. We ordered for the lettuce wraps and Garlic Cheese Focaccia with checca.

The lettuce wraps was something different i had come across and totally loved it! The dish consisted of mushrooms, chest nuts and green onions in hot garlic sauce, wrapped in a lettuce. A MUST HAVE!

The Garlic cheese focaccia was similar concept as a garlic bread but way too lighter than a standard garlic bread. It was an ovenbaked itlaian bread topped with mozzarella, garlic and herbs.

For the mains, we ordered for the California Veggie (REGULAR) & Wild Mushrooms pizza (THIN CRUST) with truffle sauce.
The california veggie of cpk is one of the best vegetarian pizza in town – it is topped with different veggies like onion, mushrooms an broccoli.
The wild mushrooms pizza is worth trying especially for mushrooms lovers. Its filled with too many mushrooms and the flavor of truffle sauce enhances the taste of it!

In desserts, we opted for the chocolate fondanT. ITS THE BEST CHOCOLATE FONDANT I’VE HAD TILL DATE! Don’t leave this place without trying this one!


Peshwa Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
A pure Maharashtrian cuisine in Dubai is here! The restaurant offers wide variety of dishes from different areas of Maharashtra which is prepared fresh as soon as you order. One can enjoy a pure Maharashtrian environment with Mahrashtrian music, a mini library filled with Maharashtrian books.

The restaurant has a huge and spacious seating area and some great staff which would definitely make you feel comfortable. They have a small hall as well which they use for certain events.

As a part of the tasting session, we got to try some of their best and unique dishes as well as beverages.
To start with, we were welcomed with Solkadhi and Kokum Sarbat. These beverages had a unique tastes – it was a great way to start off a meal and i highly recommend to try out these drinks instead of fountain drinks.

In snacks and munchies, we were served with mini batata wadas, kothimbir wadi and sabudana wadas.
The batata wada reminded me of the tastes of Mumbai – these wadas were spicy and were served along with chutney. It was the first dish we started off with and i was totally impressed with the spices and flavors.
Though i’m not a big fan of sabudana but still tried the sabudana wada – I loved the way it was prepared with perfect flavors – a must try!
Kothimbir wadis was the best snack out of all – its a patty made of corriander and was served in square shapes along with a side chutney to go with! A fabulous combination – simple but yet so tasty!

For the mains, we tried out the Bharli vangi which was an eggplant dish. This dish was a spicy one – it consisted of stuffed eggplants/aubergines. Worth trying to get that actual feel of Maharashtrian cuisine.
Next we tried was the bharli karli, this dish was less spicy but had the same concept with a slight difference. It consisted of stuffed kerelas. I usually don’t like kerelas but this one din’t even taste like that! No bitternes could be tasted, just the spice from the stuffings! Even thr non kerela – lovers can try this one without any doubt!

Coming to the desserts, we tried the famous Puran-Poli. This was my first try and i loved it! With the right amount of sweetness, this puran-poli was the star dish of the evening. The best part – its not at all heavy!
We also tried the Aamrakhand which was way too good! The sweet and sour flavor was impressive!
One of their specialty desserts also include the dudhi ka halwa – this is a sweet dish made of bottle gourd – is worth trying too!

Its a must visit place especially for people who look forward to trying new cuisine in a traditional way!