Divan Patisserie

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The famous dessert parlor all the way from Istanbul is now open in Dubai! Since 1956, Divan has been among the top desserts places at Istanbul! It has a wide variety of sweets to offer from chocolates to macarons, fondues, tea & coffee, nuts & almonds, pastries and much more! They also serve some savory items such as crossiants and fatayer.
All the ingredients and items including the pastries (frozen) arrive all the way from Istanbul, it is kept for sale only till its fresh and changes to new, the next day!
You can sample their fondue on the front counter in either dark/milk chocolate along with fruits/marshmallows and much more!

As you enter, there is a beautiful chocolate fountain flowing in the background which is just for interior purpose. Their interiors also include some of the historical images from Istanbul depicting their story.

As a part of my tasting session, i got to try some of their menu items including macarons, turkish delights, pastries, cookies, tea & coffee.
There are plenty of flavor options when it comes to maacarons and is also quite affordable (AED 14 per piece). I got to try the orange, rose, pistachio and lemon flavored macarons. My favorite amongst all of them were the orange and rose flavors. The flavor was too strong and the macarons tasted fresh and yummy!
I tried out their pistachio chocolate cakes which was filled with pistachios from withing as well as topped with some – the presentation of all the pastries were fabulous!
Coming to their tea & coffee selections, i would highly recommend to try out their turkish tea! The coffee was not that that impressive but tea turned out to be a hero!

Divan also offers personalized gift boxes for macarons, chocolate covered nuts, cookies and lots more!
A place not to be missed especially if you are a fan of turkish sweets and macarons!
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Tangerine recently opened their new branch in Burjuman. Conveniently located nearby Carrefour, this place has alot to offer in Chinese, Thai, Malaysian & much more!
I got to visit this place along with fellow bloggers on a weekday evening – the place was busy inspite being a weekday!

We started off our meal with Tangerine Vegetarian starter selection and Salt & Pepper Vegetables from their starters options.
The Vegetarian starter selection included veg spring rolls, veg dimsums & fried tofu balls which was served along with shanghai sauce and honey plum sauce. This platter is a must have and highly recommended for all the vegetarians – all the 3 snacks included, were done perfectly taste wise as well as by presentation.

For mains, we called for the Veg thai red curry,veg pad thai and vegetables in black bean sauce.
The pad thai had a spicy taste and i loved the way it was presented. The flavors and spices of the dish were great. This was the best mains from among the other mains.
The red curry had a good taste as well! This was my first time of trying the thai red curry so i definitely had a good impression over it. The curry included veggies such as capsicum, carrot, broccoli and much more!
The quantity of the dishes was good enough to be shared among 2-3 people.

Coming to the best part of the meal i.e. the desserts! We tried the famous Mango Sticky Rice and brownie with ice cream.
The mango sticky rice included sweet sticky rice with slices of mangoes topped with sugar syrup and coconut milk – tried for the first time and it was truely worth it!
The sizzling brownie with ice cream included a brownie cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to balance the sweetness of the dessert – not the best i’ve had but not a bad one either.

If you are in burjuman and craving for some thai and chinese food, this place is worth going for and pocket friendly too!


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Jalebiwala is a pure vegetarian restaurant serving several cuisines – indian, chinese, italian and mexican. My first visit to this place and my overall experience was good! Visited this place with a few fellow bloggers on a weekday. Inspite of being a weekday, the place was jam packed with only a few 1 or 2 tables empty – that shows the popularity of their food!

We started off with few starters:

Kurkure palak chaat: This chaat has not been introduced yet but they are soon going to be launching this one! I must say this was the best starter from among all the starters we tried! It was served similar to how dahi puri is served just that this one din’t have puri but instead palak chaat along with dahi, chutneys and topped with sev and pomegranate.
Humpty Dumpty: The name of the dish actually sounded attractive & cute! The dish had all the veggies cooked in a chinese style. The veggies were crispy and spicy.
Chilli Paneer: As the name suggests, the dish was cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce. The best part of the dish was that the paneer was very soft and tasted fresh! The dish was cooked along with capsicum, spring onions and onions.
Hara Bhara Kabab: Hara bhara kabab was served with cashew stuffed in it! It was served hot but the taste could have been much better. The quantity was good enough to be shared among a group of 4.
Veg Lollipop: To all those vegetarians who ever wished if something in vegetarian exist similar to a chicken lollipop, this ones for you! It was made same just as a chicken lollipop just that the chicken was replaced with cauliflower. The dish was something different i came across.

For the mains we tried their, dum aloo kashmiri & paneer mumtaz from their indian mains along with some breads and rice. Dum aloo kashmiri was my personal favorite from these mains – loved the filling in aloo and the taste of the gravy. It had the right amount of spices and just the perfect taste!

Apart from indian, we tried their mexican mains as well which were amazing! We were recommended by the management to try out the mexican options and they were actually really good! I would recommend to try out their mexican dishes!

For desserts, we called for their jalebis and kulfis. The kulfi was no doubt, really good! The jalebi was nothing extra ordinary and could have been better – as the name of the restaurant itself is “Jalebiwala” , im sure they could have done much better with their jalebis.

The staff was friendly and helped us out to choose what to order right from starters to desserts. This place will definitely leave a vegetairan’s stomach satisfied!

Rabiee Al Shaay (Flavors of the World)

Rabiee Al Shaay Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A recently opened cafe on the University Road, Sharjah – presenting flavors from all over the world with limited menu items but covering alot of them!
The cafe offers different types of burgers, pastas, mocktails, fresh juice, mojitos, crepes, waffles and much more!
Its located in the food lane on that road and can be easily located. Parking won;t be a problem as there is a big parking lot for the entire food lane.

We started off with trying the dynamite fries which usually comes with beef/bacon but we opted it without that. So the fries were topped with cheddar cheese, jalapenos and a secret sauce. The fries were crunchy and served hot with amazing fusion of spicy and cheesy flavor. A must try from this place!

We then tried out their oman chips roll which is a new addition to the menu. The rolls were stuffed with oman chips nd came along with a cheesy dip to go with. The combination was really good! Recommended to all the oman chips lovers!

Coming to the mains we opted for the pink pasta which comes with prawns and is one of their bestsellers. However, we opted it without prawns, but rest all ingredients remained the same. It was definitely the star of the meal! The quantity is way too good according to the price. Additionally, the taste of the pasta was amazing with the right amount of spices. It came along with loads of mushrooms and broccoli as we asked them to put more. However, you can alter it according to your taste.

For the drinks, i tried out the Ruby Red mocktail as recommended by the staff. This drink was a combination of watermelon and lime. The taste was too good and very refreshing! One could easily get the taste of watermelon and lime!

For the desserts, we tried out the sushi crepe stuffed with brownies. Now here comes the best part! These sushi crepes were not topped with nutella but infact with pure swiss milk and white chocolate! You could easily get to know the quality and taste of the swiss chocolate topping. Also, the brownies stuffed in the crepe are prepared fresh at that time and served then.

If you are somewhere around that area, its a must visit place which is also pocket friendly!