Pool Bar Market at Nassima Royal Hotel

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Nassima Royal Hotel have recently launched live grill stations at the pool side where people can enjoy some hot grills by the pool while enjoying the weather.
It takes place every Sunday and on several occasions such as Christmas!
There are seperate counters for meat, fish, chicken and veggies. These counters allow you to choose your own kind of meat/fish and the staff would cook take for you in your own choice of sauce.

These grills are accompanied with a bowl of salad and of course drinks from the bar.
I was lucky enough to try out the concept just after it was launched. We were served with a seafood platter and meat platter which consisted of steak, lamb, chicken, boil potato topped with sour cream and seafood such as fish and prawns.
The chicken was really soft and was tossed in delicious spices that i couldn’t stop myself from eating!
Infact the lamb was tender too and cooked to perfection!
The concept of boiled potatoes with sour cream was something unique i came across and really liked it! The sour taste with potato went really well!
To go with it we ordered for fresh orange juice and strawberry mojito. Someone who really loves orange will love this fresh juice – you could taste the freshness of the drink so so well – a perfect drink to enjoy outdoors in really good weather!
Strawberry Mojito included some freshly squeezed strawberries with a hint of lime and mint – this drink won my heart!! Being a strawberry lover, i could keep drinking this drink the whole day! I would highly recommend to try this one.

All in all, if you are looking for a poolside place with some amazing grills and drinks – this is the place to be at!


AB’s Absolute Barbeques

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All the way from India, this place has gained popularity in Dubai as well because of their amazing variety and no compromise in taste!
I love their concept of live barbeque on table while making sure the vegetarian and non vegetarian options are well separated keeping in mind the pure vegetarians preferences.
So i visited this place on a weekday evening and place was crowded as if it was a weekend – this gave a really good impression as to what kind of food i could expect from the place!
It has a huge seating area with staff so friendly and approachable and immediately ready to help.

Starting off with the starters, There are two parts in starters: First one being the live barbeque and the second part is a live chaat and starters counter. From the chaat options, i tried out the papdi chaat. The chaat was served in a small bowl with 5-6 pieces of papdi in it, properly made in yogurt and chutneys and topped with sev. I absolutely loved the way this chaat was done. By far, one of the best papdi chaats i’ve tried!
From the barbeques, they have a variety of options: Non vegetarian included mutton (lamb), chicken, fish and prawns. On the other hand, vegetarian included watermelon, paneer, mushrooms and soya. Apart from these barbeques, the staff was also constantly roaming around and serving a potato dish which was my personal favorite – it was topped with thousand island dip and done really well that i had to call for one more round of it. Other dishes were: crispy american corns, mutton kababs and fish starter. The starters were so so good that i had no place left for the mains and desserts!!

However, after a break we moved onto the mains. I was impressed with the variety of mains in both nonveg as well as veg. There were 2 different counters for veg and non veg and both the counters were filled with so many options!! The nonveg mains included: one soup option, chicken wings, amritsari fish grill, butter chicken, chicken dum biryani, eggs sabzi and much more! I tried out the amritsari fish grill – the fish was not at all chewy and were so soft! I loved the masalas and spices used to cook this one as the result was fab!
For vegetarian mains, i tried the AB’s special dal with some steamed ride, penne arabiatta and bingo hot potato. The dal was made with black dal and it definitely was a signature dal of AB’s – a must try when you visit the place. The pasta was done in pink sauce with some veggies and was very saucy ❤

The desserts counter had various mousses, brownies, indian sweets: gulab jamun and jalebi and a live ice cream counter where you can choose your own scoop of icecream and customize it with various toppings of your choice.
The staff made me feel really special by creating a dessert for me known as brownie with icecream which was topped with rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge. I could literally finish the whole bowl by myself! This dessert was the highlight of the entire meal!! LOVED IT! Special thanks to the team for creating this one for me!

They also have a kids corner which include live cotton candy making and mini baraf ka gola. This counter was a very attractive one and was kids were enjoying it so much! I loved this concept – something new i came across!

This place is definitely worth visiting with friends/ family with alot of varieties for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians!

Stock Exchange

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This pub will now become you favorite place to be at (especially in downtown area) for some amazing drinks as well as finger-lickin’ food!
As the name suggests, the concept here is very unique but similar to a stock market. The drinks’ prices keep fluctuating on the basis of the demand of a particular drink. Its actually fun looking at those changing prices and experiencing an ambiance like it!

The place is coming up with a new menu which focuses on a short yet creative menu of food and drinks. The variety of food that will be served will definitely pull you back to the place just for their FOOD!

The tasting included the following dishes:

1. Chilli Cheese Baguette: A crispy and crunchy french baguette topped with jalapenos, black and green olives, green chillies, peppers and parmesan cheese. I, personally loved this starter as it had an amazing spicy taste and was really cheesy. Highly recommend to the ones who love spicy food!!

2. Mirchi Imli Lamb Chops: These 4 hours cooked lamb chops were fried and glazed with chilly paste and tamarind pulp. I loved loved the way this one was done, right from the spicy and sour taste to the way it was presented!

3. Mushroom Kung Pao: Here comes the chinese dish with crispy fried mushrooms which were tossed in Kung Pao style with salted peanuts and topped with spring onions. Being a mushroom lover, i adored this dish – it was towards a spicy side too ofcourse due to the red chillies and soya sauce.

4. 2 mins wild mushrooms noodles: Since childhood, we’ve all been fan of maggi. This one took noodles at a whole new level – noodles tossed with sauteed mushrooms and spring onions, topped with truffle oil. If you were and are a noodles and mushroom fan – do try this one!

5. Aloo & Cheddar Tikki Chaat: ONE OF THE BEST DISHES THAT I TRIED. Crispy patties made of potato and cheddar cheese, topped with crispy white peas, trio of chutney and aloo salli. The combination of chutneys, potato and cheddar cheese was something i was trying for the first time and i’m sure i’ll definitely be back for this amazing combination.

6. Keema Pao: Lamb Mince served with mini butter pao breads and lachha onions. A typical indian main dish for the non vegetirains. The mince is prepared really well with green chillies, coriander, ginger, garlic and cumin seeds giving the perfect spicy indian taste.

7.Van noodles with Chilly Chicken: Yet again a twist in noodles – roadside noodles topped up with chilly chicken (chicken thighs. The chicken pieces were soft enough an went really well with the noodles.

8. Desi Aloo Tikki Sliders: Again, one of my FAVS from the meal – these sliders (tiny burgers) were pink and black colored which were filled with aloo tikki, onion slices, lettuce, bbq sauce and mint chutney. Even though, i’m not a big fan of bbq sauce, i loved this slider as there was just a hint of bbq sauce and it had more of desi flavors. A MUST HAVE!

9. 2 mins chicken tikka noodles: These 2 min moodles were sauteed with chicken tikka and onion tomato masala and topped with green coriander. Out of all the noodles that i tried, this one was the best according to me. The spices and masala were tossed perfectly and it couldn’t be any better!

10. Chicken Kung Pao: This dish was similar to the mushroom kung pao – with the only difference being it was replaced in the place of mushrooms. As a non vegetarian, i would prefer the chicken kung pao! The chicken pieces were really soft and can go best with drinks.


*All the beverages tried were non alcoholic
1. Triple Berry Mojito: This drink consisted of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and mint as the main ingredients mixed with Fizz. If u love the berries, this drink is definitely worth trying – the drink was also topped with mint leaves and raspberries which gave the drink a finishing look!

2. Kala Khatta Daiquiri: This drink was inspired by the indian flavours – the main ingredients being black currant, lime juice and black salt which gave it a chatpata taste. It was something different i had tried and i would recommend to try this one as it was unique and worth trying!

3. Passion Fruit Mojito: A blended fizz with passion fruit, lime and mint! The drink was perfectly blended with a proper taste of all the 3 ingredients and was not too icy.

4. Lichi Mint: This drink was made with lichi pulp, mint leaves and lemmon juice with sparkling water. As it was blended with ice, keeping it for long time, the litchi flavor started disappearing so wouldn’t recommend to keep it aside for a long time. Don’t loose the litchi flavor ❤

5. Orange Blossom: This drink was an interesting one with the ingredients being orange juice, cream and coconut syrup. The hint coconut flavor could be tasted very well! This was my first time of trying the combination of orange and coconut and was not at all disappointed!

6. Strawberry Sharbat: I loved this strawberry drink – it was made with fresh strawberries, lime juice, basil seeds and blended well with ice. It had an amazing flavor of strawberry and lime (a perfect combination). The topping of dried strawberry flakes enhanced the taste of the drink.


Dark Chocolate Rum Ball: An alcoholic dessert xP – So this ones definitely not for the dark chocolate haters but a must must have for all the dark chocolate lovers like me! This dessert consisted of dark chocolate sponge bound with chocolate sauce and surronded by Valrhona chocolate sauce. I'm sure it does sound very chocolaty and but its worth all the calories! The presentation was too good to as it was flabeed by dark rum – i was fascinated by seeing the flames over a chocolate ball – a sight that i can never get over with!

Lotus Tart: THE BESTEST PART OF THE MEAL! – This was a lots biscoff tart topped with lotus sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I have no words to describe this dessert – all i can say is just go and try this one and you will never prefer a chocolate dessert over this one! WORTH WORTH WORTH!

Overall, this place is not to be visited only for its drinks but also for some amazing delicious food! I now have a reason to visit this place not only for their drinks but most importantly, their aloo tikki chaat, sliders and lotus tart!! 😛

Christmas Menu at Baker’s Kitchen

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A hidden gem for all the health and fitness freaks! The food served here is purely organic and healthy – right from the detox drinks to the bread used for sandwiches. The place is located in Auris Metro Central Hotel Apartments. The interiors were simple but the christmas decor was done so perfectly giving the proper holiday and cozy feel!
I was recently invited to the new christmas menu launch event at the place.

The event included tasting of all their handcrafted Xmas creations. These started off with some handmade vanilla cookies which were the best of all the christmas sweets served. The cookie was not very sweet and was well balanced with proper vanilla essence. It was crispy and delicious!
Next on the list was the gingerbread cookie – an interesting fact about this one was that the dough of the gingerbread was made few days ago and refrigerated. This is taken out and baked just when christmas is around the corner. Doing so, enhances the taste of the gingerbread cookie. The cookie was done well and perfectly shaped even though handmade.

Following these were the chocolate cookies which were purely made with chocolate and sugar but ofcourse keeping in mind the health – the composites of both ingredients were kept low. This cookie was very sweet for me, personally and i din’t like it much.
We were then served with some butter cookies – these were one of my favs from the event! The cookies had a neutral taste and were carved into various shapes, one of them being christmas tree shape. These cookies were perfect for this season and i loved its taste!

Christmas is incomplete without cakes – next served were the raisins and almond small cakes – these cakes tasted sweet and sour. A must try for all the almond and nut lovers.
Later on, we were served with non alcoholic wine. Not being a big fan of wine, i din’t like it much.
The christmas sweets ended with a british recipe cake which was made with chocolate and non alcoholic rum – i preferred this cake over the raisins cake – probably due to it being more chocolaty 😛

The staff was really friendly and welcoming and the service was upto mark!

Boombalambuz Cafe

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This cafe has opened nearly a month back and has already started buzzing in town! It can be easily found in Jumeirah 3 – the place has a cute small seating area offering alot of varieties!

They serve everything from icecreams and milkshakes to mocktails and hot drinks. If you are craving for something sweet, this is place to be at!
During my visit, i tried out the Oreo icecream, pineapple icecream, chocolate brownie freakshake and strawberry cheesecake freakshake.
The service was really quick so we did not have to wait much. The oreo icecream is A MUST TRY for all the oreo lovers! The icecream is filled with crushed oreo biscuits as well as full pieces of the biscuits. The icecream also consisted of small pineapple chunks which balanced the sweetness of the icecream and enhanced the taste even more!
The pineapple icecream is something not to be missed if you are visiting this place! This is the first fruit icecream i have loved! It tasted really fresh and natural which was the best part of the icecream. It was also topped with small pineapple pieces which gave a really good finish to the ice cream. One of the best part of the icecream was also the way it was presented! It was served in an actual pineapple (half) which looked amazing!

Coming to the freakshakes – i started off with the strawberry cheesecake flavor. This freakshake was topped with a cheesecake on the top of the glass – this cheesecake was topped with strawberry sauce. The milkshake tasted amazing!! One of the best milkshakes i have tried – the strawberry as well as the cheesecake flavor was properly balanced giving an equal taste of both!

The chocolate brownie shake is a must have for all the chocolate lovers!! The glass was filled with chocolate shake and topped with chocolate brownies and dripping hot fudge. It will definitely satisfy all your chocolate cravings!

Overall, experience was really really good! They also have an amazing variety in hot drinks including hot white chocolate – something im keen to try out! Will definitely be back to explore more options.

Zpizza – Al Barsha

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This recently opened pizza spot have entered into my favorite pizza places already! I visited the place on a weekday for lunch with friends. It wasn’t hard to find the place – there’s a parking lot right beside the place so ample parking spaces were also available!

The staff welcomed us friendly and were really approachable! They have kept the interiors simple and the restaurant is small but yet very spacious! The starters menu is short and precise (which i personally prefer), not to confuse the customers with a lot of variety and concentrating more on pizza varieties. We ordered for the wings and parmesan flatbread sticks from the starters.

The order took around 10-15 minutes to arrive which was justified. The wings plate consisted of 8 pieces which could be easily shared among 3 people. This dish was one of my favs from the entire meal! The wings were really soft and had a bbq & sweet sauce topping. It was served along with a dip which went really well with it. The parmesan bread sticks came in a very good quantity as well! They were crispy and delicious, served along with pizza sauce. Loved this combination! It was a great way to start off a meal!

Moving onto the mains – we ordered for the Tuscan Mushroom small pizza from their vegetarian selection and a large pizza which included half mexican and half sante fe pizza (non vegetarian). The tuscan mushroom pizza was really good – i would recommend this one to all the mushroom lovers! The mexican pizza met all my expectations – it had a salsa sauce base and the pizza toppings included avacado – giving the pizza, the exact mexican taste! The santa fe was a really spicy one! The best and the unique part of this pizza was that it had small pieces of chicken sausages as a part of the toppings which enhanced the taste of pizza. This ones for all the spice lovers out there!

Then comes the best part of the meal – the desserts!!! The desserts menu includes tiramisu, double chocolate fudge cake and cheesecake. We oped for the  double chocolate fudge cake. One thing that went wrong here was the image given in the menu was different from what the cake looks like in reality. However, we confirmed these details about the cake before ordering. The cake was topped with hot fudge and served – the sweetness of the cake was just perfect – it was not very sweet and neither too plain. The cake however was a bit hard towards the edges and din’t taste fresh. I’m sure the team will enhance the taste soon!

All in all, it was a very good experience and the pizzas here are worth trying!

Barbeque Nation

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The popular restaurant chain from India has opened its first branch in UAE maintaining their tastes and flavours from back in India! The place is located near Lulu mall and has a lot of parking spaces around so that was a real big advantage!

The concept of the restaurant is mainly buffet. The buffet consists of soups, vegetarian and non vegetarian mains, a dedicated counter for different types of rice: veg pulao chicken biryani, plain rice, dal station featuring 3 different types of dal: Dal makhani, Dal panch ratna and Dal Arhar Tadka. There is a live station on omelettes, egg rolls, paneer tikka roll and much more! Another live station includes vegetarian grills – you need to choose your own veggies/chicken/meat with your choice of sauce. This live station is accompanied with a takatak counter which has everything to do with mutton/ lamb – mutton lovers, this ones definitely for you! The last but not the least is the desserts counter which offers a wide variety of sweets along with a live counter where you can customize your own kulfi! (read more to know how)

The buffet doesn’t include any starters as its served on your table. As the name suggests, the tables here have an installed barbeque systems and the starters are served in that! Now the best part here is the starters will be served until you don’t ask the staff to stop. There’s a creative way that have come up with to do so – they have a mini flag on the table saying “I GIVE UP”, you need to turn down this flag and the starters serving will stop. The starters include prawns, mutton, fish and chicken kababs in non vegetarian and paneer, mushrooms and pineapples in the vegetarian section. The kababs were done really well! Infact the fish, chicken and lamb pieces were really soft and tender with an amazing taste. In vegetarian, my personal favorites were the paneer and mushrooms. The paneer was really soft and fresh and the capsicum served with it went really well along! Apart from this, we were also served with some potatoes starters which was a very unique and a simple dish but had the best taste ever! These potatoes were served with thousand island dressing and had the right amount of spices. Being a thousand island lover, i called for more of this dish as it was just too tempting! Other starters that i enjoyed was the american style corns which were served separately as well! All in all, the starters were really really good and worth trying! I can visit this place with a sole reason of these starters!

Moving onto the buffet, the soup section had two types of soups available BUT there was a counter for soup which allows you to create your own soup. This was something different and innovative i came across! For mains there was vegetable kofta, paneer lababdar, burnt garlic vegetables and katliyan aloo in the Vegetarian section and sweet & sour fish, butter chicken and a mutton/ lamb gravy in the non vegetarian options. I tried out the butter chicken with some chicken biryani from the rice counter – the butter chicken was one of the best i’ve had – it was NOT SWEET but more towards spicy and just perfect for my taste buds. The biryani was cooked upto mark with great tender pieces of chicken which enhanced the taste of biryani.

From the live counter of omelettes and rolls, i tried out the paneer tikka roll and a cheesy mushroom omelette. The paneer tikka roll is something i will definitely recommend to all the vegetarians out there! A must try! The omelette was cooked to perfection – it was big enough and really filling, the stuffed mushrooms and green chillies made it even better!

Going towards the end of the meal, the DESSERTS! One thing that i was really excited to try was the CHOCOLATE KULFI. This kulfi is definitely something the kids should look forward for – its served in a stick but it can also be done to pieces with your choice of toppings. I got my chocolate kulfii to pieces, topped with smarties, oreo crumbles and hot fudge. There were more topping options like marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and much more!

The pastries section had varieties like blueberry cheesecake, butterscoth cake, kiwi and strawberry mousse (served in a glass). The mousse was something that i’d recommend – it had a sweet and sour taste which i personally loved!

The chefs did something really special for us by making a special dessert for us dark chocolate fudge – this was served in a glass and topped with a dry fruit brownie with drizzled caramel sauce. This dessert was served hot and was very inviting! Thanks to the team of Barbeque Nation for a wonderful experience!