Valentines Preview at Celsius – Nassima Royal Hotel

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Nassima Royal Hotel is a luxurious hotel located on the Sheikh Zayed Road. It has various dining options – one of them being Celsius restaurant which is located on the Mezzanine floor offers international, european and Mediterranean cuisine! However, they also have theme nights on specific days of the week which include an indian theme night, seafood theme night and much more!
The place is huge with a spacious seating area and dim lights making it a perfect place to visit especially during dinner time!
I was here for the Valentines Preview & had a wonderful experience! The tables were topped with rose petals to give a valentine feel!
The restaurant has a buffet system wherein a wide variety is offered in salads, soups, appetizers and mains!

The first counter includes some salads including vegetables and few dressings such as thousand islands, Vinaigrette Dressing, Balsamic dressing and cocktail dressing. I personally loved the idea of this live salad counter where you can select your own veggies and dressings and come up with a salad suitable to your preferences.

Moving on, the next counter included some cold mezzeh such as Hummus, Fattoush, Tabouleh and Moutabel. Again, a healthy counter with some yummy selections from the Mediterranean and european cuisine! Absolutely loved the hummus as the thickness and the taste was really good!

Following this, was another salad bar, however these salads were ready-to-serve ones. One of them was the Aloo methi chaat which was a potato fenugreek salad done really well with right amount of spices and just the perfect taste! Samosa chaat which was served in a bowl, topped with yogurt, tamarind chutney and corriander! Being a samosa lover, this chaat was heaven for me!
There were several more varieties in these prepared salads. This counter was shared by a wide variety of bread as well where different kinds of breads were offered. I loved the way this counter was done! The breads tasted fresh and were aromatic!

Moving on to the appetizers, the best part was that the place have a live grill counter with 6-7 options in meat, chicken, fish and paneer – you can choose from these and just wait for kababs to get done which was also served with a mint chutney!Don’t these kababs just make our meal happier and perfect?!
One thing i loved about paneer was that it was really soft and not at all chewy – not bland and perfectly done!
They also had a unique appetizer called spicy vegetarian terrine – it was similar to a vegetarian quiche so i loved this one!
The place doesn’t only concentrate on north indian selection but also offered various south indian varieties such as vada sambar and fried idli.
It also included some tandoori mushrooms which were to die for!! Spicy and yummy, these are must have!
We were also served with some pani puri on table which was served so neatly and with perfectionism! These pani puris were filled with some yummy masala and the pani went well along with it!

The mains included a wide variety in vegetarian and non vegetarian – steamed rice, palak paneer, butter chicken, chicken dum biryani, gobi parathe and much more! The entire Maincourse was absolutely delicious and yummy!

The best part of the meal was the dessertss counter!! This was by far of the best desserts counter i’ve ever seen and experienced! The desserts ranged from heart shaped cakes to chocolate mousse to tiny macarons to strawberry fountain (pink colored especially for valentines). I think this place should definitely be in your list for the valentines day as its worth it!


Mikel Coffee – Burjuman

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This coffee shop had been in my list since a very long time! The place has recently opened in burjuman (near to carrefour). It has a spacious seating area both indoor and outdoor.
We chose for the outdoor seating area as it was perfect for this chilly weather! One thing that really impressed me is that they have a map outdoor where you can pin on your home country. This map had alot of pins which showed the country of origin of the people who have previously visited Mikel – A perfect way to show that they the brand is WORLD FAMOUS!
The menu has a lot of options in tea, coffee and hot and cold beverages as well as the savories and sweets to munch along with it!
I ordered for a cold Chocolate Viennaise which was served in a great quantity! It was topped with some whipped cream and hot fudge to give the perfect taste to the drink. The drink was not too sweet and neither any bitter; the balance of cocoa and chocolate was done really well! It was heavy and very filling! Loved this one!
*There is also a hot version of this beverage which tastes the same and is also topped with whipped cream which makes it creamier and heavy as well!

We ordered for a tiramisu, double chocolate chip muffin and cookie, carrot cake and blueberry muffin to munch on along with some beverages.
The tiramisu was presented in a small glass and was topped with coffee dust – it looked really good! However, there was hardly any taste of coffee in it – most of it just included cream. The ones who like their tiramisu less strong and creamier would love this tiramisu.
The blueberry muffin was done really well with small bits of blueberries stuffed in the muffin. The blueberry taste could be easily felt and i would highly recommend this muffin! The double chocolate muffin was good as well but nothing different – just an ordinary chocolate muffin – i would prefer the blueberry one over this.

If you are a fan of carrot cake, then this one is a must have from Mikel! It had an amazing taste of carrot and was drizzled with caramel just to give it a finishing look and taste! Recommended!

Overall, its a great place to chill with friends especially in their outdoor area when the weather is so good!

The Garden Grille at the Hilton Garden Inn Mall Of the Emirates

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Hilton Garden Inn is located just a few minutes away from the Mall Of the Emirates and has easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road. Garden Grille is located on the lobby level of this centrally located hotel.
As the name suggests, the place has alot of indoor greenery which looks so good and beautiful, giving the restaurant a great ambiance. In addition to this, they also have some live music – so soothing and good, giving the perfect weekend vibes!
I was here to try the Fam-tastic Friday brunch which runs every Friday from 12pm- 4pm and offers international cuisine.
The place has a lot of options and varieties – starting off with the open bar which has various alcoholic drinks and juices to offer including some cocktails and alcoholic mojitos freshly made!
There is a separate bread & cheese counter with different types of breads and cheese selections. Following this, is a fruit and vegetables counter presenting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which are definitely the perfect way to start off a brunch!
Next was the salads and appetizers counter which had a lot of options – vegetarian and non vegetarian. One thing interesting about it was there were some nachos to go with some guacamole, sour cream and salsa sauce. Being a nacho lover, i absolutely loved the idea of providing nachos for brunch! The counter also had some jars with some veggies stored in some sauce and infused flavours. I tried out the cheese stuffed mushroom which had and infused lime flavor – it was so yummy that i had to go back and get some more! Loved the idea of these jars!
In appetizers, they also had some dimsums – veg and non veg options which were tasty as well!
Moving on, they had a live pasta counter where you could choose your own pasta, the sauce and the veggies/meat. Since its a live cooking station, all the cooking happens in front of you! I chose for a white sauce penne pasta with some mushrooms. It could be more creamier and better; nonetheless, it was up to mark.
Following were some live grill stations, where you could choose your own meat/chicken/fish and it will be prepared and served there and then itself!
We tried out the chicken and fish. The chicken was done really good and was soft enough and not chewy – which made it a perfect chicken!
The fish was the best part of the brunch – it was delicious and so soft – it would just melt in your mouth!
Coming to the favorite part of the brunch – the DESSERTS COUNTER! The desserts counter here had something different which was very attractive to me! They had a waffle making machine and ready batter to make your waffle on your own. The counter also had few toppings such as – hersheys syrup, maple syrup, strawberry syrup, dry fruits, oreos and what not to top your waffle with! It was fun and an amazing experience!
They also had some pastry options such as chocolat mousse, upside down pineapple , cranberry flavored, layered tiramisu in a glass and much more! Last but not the least, a mini chocolate fountain along with some marshmallows and pineapples to go with!

Overall, a perfect brunch to be at to spend some quality time with your friends and family! Doesn’t that sound like a perfect brunch to be at?!

Wine & Cheese Night at The Lounge – Nassima Royal Hotel

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If you are in search of a place which turn out to be a perfect evening for chilling with friends or love ones – this is the place to be at!
The place is located on the ground floor itself, having an amazing ambiance and comfortable seating! They carry out a “Wine & Cheese Night” every Thursday from 6pm – 10 pm which includes unlimited wine and cheese selections.
Moreover, if you are a wine and cheese lover, this is the place to be at especially to taste and discover different kinds of cheese.
Visited this place with an amazing group of ladies. The evening started off with a welcome drink which was really good and refreshing – an amazing start to the evening!

Following, we tried out cheese and bread selections which were so many! Different kinds of breads and cheese including the cheddar cheese, blue cheese, Comté cheese, edam cheese, Goat cheese and many more!
Even though i’m a cheese lover, i was still not aware of so many types of cheese that were served here! Loved discovering and trying the new ones!
Apart from the bread and cheese selections, tomato bruschettas and mushroom bruschettas were served as well which were topped with cheese again! These were one of the best bruschettas i’ve tried in a while!
They also offered us some delicious and mouth watering margherita pizzassss – wherever there is cheese and bread, pizzas are always welcome!
The wine selections included white and red wine too!

An amazing place to relax and chill with your close ones and welcome the weekend happily!

The Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor

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This place have been on my list since a very long time! I was really excited to try this one!
I visited this branch on a weekday for a lunch, it can be easily found near Carrefour in Burjuman. The restaurant has traditional interiors which will give you the really good vibes just like being in India.
The menu has a wide variety of options for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. I tried out the vegetarian options at this visit and they were mind blowing!
The meal started off with a serving of papad which came along with mint chutney and mango pickle. Papad is always the best way to start off a meal – they were cooked perfectly and chutney had a slight of spicy taste which made it even better!

We then moved on to starters. We were served with a half Mix Grill Vegetarian platter which included the following:
1. Hare Masaley ka Bhuna Paneer: This dish involved grilled paneer (cottage cheese) tossed with mint and corriander and lots of green masalas. Absolutely loved its taste!

2. Harippa Paneer Tikka: If you are looking for a spicy paneer starter then this is the one! This paneer dish is taken to the next gourmet level with chillies, tomato and garlic. Highly recommend this one.

3. Shabnam ke Moti: This starter is made for a Mushroom lover like mee!! It included mushroom caps filled with overflowing cheese. The cheese was oozing out of those mushrooms giving it a proper filling! A must have for all the mushroom and cheese lovers

4. Aloo Nazakat: I love the name of this dish! 😛 It was one of the unique potato starters that i’ve tried till date – scooped potatoes stuffed with sweet corn and served along with potato wafers. The stuffing was done properly and overflowing with sweet corn nuts! ❤

5. Chana Jor Garam Tikki: If you've been in India for a long time or have been visiting it a lot – you should be familiar of chana jor garam. The folks here have introduced a tikki made of chana jor garam!! It is a potato patty coated with crunchy chickpea flakes served along with mint cream yogurt and papaya relish. A very heavy and filling starter!

Moving on to the mains, we ordered for Shaam Savera, Lalla Mussa Dal, Nizami Tarkari Biryani, Tomato cheese naan and pudina paratha.
Shaam Savera: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS DISH! I'm sure of repeat visits to this place and this dish is definitely going to be a part of my order always! A fabulous dish of spinach koftas filled with paneer (cottage cheese) served on a velvety tomato gravy. The gravy was thick and tasty with delicious filled spinach koftas!

Lalla Mussa Dal: If you are a fan of Black Dal, then you've got to try this! Black dal taken to the next level – it was a blend of black and green dal/lentils in their signature style. It was creamy, heavy and really tasty! By far the BEST black dal i've had!

Nizami Tarkari Biryani: The biryani was towards a spicy side and was sealed served with a roti and came along with a tiny jug of raita. The best option of biryani for the vegetarians!

For drinks, we tried out the signature Peru Pyala and Dare devil. Peru pyala was a combination of guava, lime and mint in a chilli rimmed glass which gave the drink a spicy, tangy and sweet taste – it was quite impressive as it was something different i had tried!

Definitely, one of the best indian restaurants i've tried! Will be back soon to try out the non vegetarian items!

Sahara Grill

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All the way from UK this place has finally opened its first branch in Dubai which is located in The Mall, Jumeirah.
When it comes to food, the place is known for their steaks and grills! However, one more advantage of this place is that they have an amazing ambiance and view too offer! Burj al arab and Jumeirah beach hotel can be viewed from the outdoor seating of the place. Infact, since i visted during DSF, we could also view the firecrackers while enjoying some delicious food!

I visited with my friends on a weekday so it was easy to get a table outdoors. The staff welcomed us friendly and also suggested us the best sellers from the menu which made it easy for us to order!

For appetizers, we ordered for the chicken wings, lamb chops and hummus. The chicken wings are highly recommended to the people who love hot n spicy food! The wings were really spicy with a hint of sour taste. ❤
The LAMB CHOPS WERE THE BEST I'VE HAD TILL DATE IN DUBAI! You have to have to try these lamb chops while visiting this place – its worth it! The dish was presented hot with an underneath layer of caramelized onions which acted as a cherry on top – delicious lamb chops with some caramelized onions to go with – A PERFECT COMBINATION!
Even though the restaurant doesn't specialize in lebanese/arabic, the hummus was really good!

For the mains, we ordered for a plate of fish n chips, chicken steak and penne arabiatta. The fish was really really soft and was served along with a slice of lime and some side fries! A perfect meal with reasonable quantity.
Chicken steak was served along with steak chips and coleslaw – it will be topped with your own choice of sauce. We chose for the picante gravy sauce as this one was more towards the spicy side. I must say it well really well along with the steak. The coleslaw came in great quantity and tasted amazing! The steak was finger lickin' good and i highly recommend to try this one!
The pasta came in a very good quantity and was again opted for a spicy one! Since they don't specialize in pastas, i would recommend to try their steaks and grills rather than the pasta options.

The menu had three types of mocktails to offer – lemon-mint, passion fruit crush and sweet melon crush. All the mocktails were done so so well and were equally tasty!

For desserts, we ordered for the nutella kunefe and the triple chocolate cheesecake. The desserts are not made in-house and some of them are frozen too. However, i loved the triple chocolate cheesecake – it was served along with whipped cream which accompanied the cake really well!

I would definitely be back to this place especially for their steaks and lamb chops!