Nom Nom Asia – NEW BRANCH!

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Nom Nom Asia have always been on of my favs when it comes to Chinese & Thai cuisines! The place just got closer by opening a new branch in Karama!
This cute little joint has a cozy seating area with a wide menu selection.

We planned a dinner on a weekend evening, faced some difficulties in finding a parking. Will recommend going by walk rather than car 😛
The staff welcomed as friendly, assigned us a table & presented us the menu. They helped us make choices according to our preferences.

For appetizers, we ordered for the Drumsticks in Sichuan spicy sauce and iceberg lettuce wrap (chicken). The iceberg lettuce wrap was presented with all individual ingredients on the table and we had to roll it up and have it on own! The lettuce, chicken and the dips were given separately. We wrapped it up with how much ever chicken and dip we require. One of the dips was too spicy and absolutely yummy! I personally loved this appetizer as the concept was really cool as well as the taste was amazing!
The drumsticks came in a very good quantity and since it was cooked in a spicy sauce, it was again a really spicy one! People who love spicy food should actually go for both if these dishes!

For mains, we ordered for chicken in manchurian sauce and Nasi goreng to go along with it. The manchurian was done perfectly with the right amount of spices as we asked them to make it mildly spicy. The chicken was not chewy and was quite soft which was the best part of the dish.
I was trying Nasi Goreng for the first time so i wasn’t sure of how it is going to be. However, when it came, the presentation was fab! Rice topped with a fried egg and sided with prawn crackers and chicken satay ❤
Prawn crackers is one dish that can never go wrong! Chicken satay was cookes well with soft chicken chunks – tasted absolutely yummy!
The rice was made with balanced spices and tasted great as well!
The dish was amazing and a perfect dinner meal for an individual person!

To end with, we tried the fried icecream – this dessert is a must try when you visit this place! A fabulous dessert with perfect sweetness and a great end to a lovely meal!

The place is worth trying when craving for some yummy Chinese/ Thai food!



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This Indian Burrito company has come to the Dubai all the way from London! This place offers a fusion of Mexican and Indian Cuisine giving the joy of both the cuisines to its customers!
The place is Located in the new food court of Burjuman and has simple and precise menu with really friendly staff who can help you out to make a choice according to your likes/ dislikes.

The concept goes like: you got to choose your own style: burrito/ quesadillas/ nachos/ wrap with your own choice of fillings: chicken mughlai/ chicken rajasthani/ paneer masala/ chola masala/ chicken chettinad/ mutton madrasi.

I chose for an indian burrito with a filling of chola masala. The burrito was filled with rice, beans and chola masala which was made in spicy tikka sauce! It was accompanied by mint chutney and salad. The burrito was actually yummy. The though of an indian filling in mexican food was wierd but this one actually turned out to be really good!

Next on the menu, we tried out the wrapchos which is a simple plate of nachos topped with salsa, sour cream, jalapenos and Bombay aloo filling (you can choose your own filling). THIS WAS THE BEST DISH FROM THE PLACE! ❤
The nachos stayed crisp even though it was topped with sauces, it did not get soggy. The jalapenos were really spicy ones and went really well with the nachos. The topping of bombay aloo included potato cubes with tomato and onion flavors. A fab combination of mexican and indian cuisine!

Mexican is incomplete without quesadillas! We tried the chicken mughlai quesadillas and the paneer masala quesadillas. Both the quesadillas tasted yummy and were really filling! The paneer was more spicy and juicy than the chicken. However, one good thing about the chicken was that it was not chewy and was really soft!

We tried their mango and coconut lassi which tasted so so soooo good! The coconut lassi is a must try especially for the nariyal paani (coconut water) lovers!
For desserts, we tried the nutella wraposa, which was served hot and contained melted and warm nutella! Give it a try if you are a nutella fan!!

The place offers alot of pocket-friendly options as well as affordable combos! A place not to be missed if you are a mexican and indian food lover!

The Family Friday Brunch at Flavours, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham

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Hawthorn Suites is city resort located on the vibrant and truly metropolitan Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai, surrounded by a host of leisure, dining, shopping and entertainment options. Flavours is an all-day dining restaurant that caters to every craving, with its sumptuous selection of international dishes. Located on the Plaza Level with easy access to the scenic JBR Walk, Flavours serves sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets and a la carte options.

I was here to try the Family Friday brunch which ofcourse takes place every Friday and is definitely a perfect place to be at for a good brunch along with your family! The brunch doesn’t only include great variety in international cuisine but also includes various outdoor activities especially for kids.

The buffet is huge starting with a long salad counter which had few unique salad options; two of them being the okra salad & chinese noodle salad! It was a great thought of including an okra salad which was so yummy. This counter also included few cold mezzeh options such as hummus and moutabel. They also had few sushi options!

Moving on, there was a dedicated counter for different types of breads – healthy, sweet, sour and which could be cut into any size as per your wants. To go with, there was a fresh and hot tomato soup which was perfect for this windy and cold weather!
In the mains, there was spaghetti in white sauce, veggies baked with cheese, lemon rice and many other chicken and seafood dishes. The white sauce spaghetti was not too cheesy and had a perfect balanced taste that i had to go for another round of it! ❤
Lemon rice was something different i had come across and was keen to try and it actually turned out to be really good!
Apart from this, the buffet also included some live grills in the outdoor! Who doesn't love hot made grills in this absolutely chilly weather!!

They also had a kids section in the buffet which included fries, fish fingers and chicken nuggets – even though this counter was for kids, it definitely attracted me 😀
Loved this concept of a separate kids counter!

Moving on to the desserts counter, they had these mini mousses in tiny glasses presented so well and looked too good to eat. I tried the raspberry and chocolate mousses which tasted yummy!!
They also had many macarons options which looked absolutely prettty!!!! One of the macaron was shiny gold and filled with chocolate cream – way too good to be eaten!

The place is worth trying for a fun day out with family! They have these trampolines for kids to enjoy and a live caricature painting sessions where you can get your painting within minutes and the kids can enjoy some face painting too!

Saj Bistro

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Located along the food lane on SZR, this place offers middle eastern cuisine including saj, manakeesh, burgers, salads and much more! The place is quite spacious with 2-storied seating area.
The menu offers a wide variety of options – all the dishes seem so tasty as briefly described in the menu. The staff was very helpful and was able to recommend us the best sellers!
For the salads and appetizers, we ordered for a saj bistro salad and pakora chicken. The saj bistro salad was a mixture of greens, avacado, dates, corn, blackbeans and feta in peanut-lime vinaigrette and topped with chicken breast – an absolutely healthy bowl of salad and yet so yummy! Worth trying!
The chicken pakora had a fusion of mexican and indian cuisine – it was served as a taco shaped with crispy chicken bites wrapped in warm saj tortillas. This came along with spicy lime pickle dip which went well along with the dish! I loved this dish as the size of those tacos were really big and the taste was perfect too!

From the Saj wraps section, we tried out the Southwest Chicken, the chicken tikka and the Buffalo Chicken. The Southwest chicken wrap included crispy BBQ chicken bites, lettuce, blackbeans, corn and mozzarella cheese – even though i’m not a fan of a BBQ sauce, i liked this saj wrap! It had just a hint of BBQ sauce and was extremely saucy!
The chicken tikka saj wrap had that indian taste due to chuncks of chicken tikka stuffing, mint sauce and cucumber. This saj was done in a perfect indian way with all the indian spices! However, this one was a bit dry as compared to the southwest chicken.
The Buffalo chicken wrap is one of the spiciest options in the menu. It has the simple ingredients for a perfect wrap – spicy buffalo chicken with lettuce, tomatoes and ranch sauce! A must try for all the spicy food lovers!

From the Manakeesh/Oven section, we tried out the Saj Bistro Pizza which was a simple pizza topped with pizza sauce, melted mozzarella and mixed herbs. This simple yet delicious pizza was one of the best dishes that i had tried from the menu! We also tried the chicken pesto pizza which was one of the best sellers too! This one was a healthy option with pesto sauce as the base, grilled chicken, black olives and melted mozzarella. This one was a bit bitter for my taste but highly recommended to the fitness freaks !

For desserts, we tried out their chefs recommended Lotus Waffle and Banana choco Hazelnut. With all those lotus desserts coming up, this one was a different one that i had tried. The waffle was served warm and was topped with a scoop of vanilla icecream. The hot and cold dessert is worth a try! It had the perfect balanced sweetness!
The banana choco hazelnut came as a crepe and had that sweet and sour taste. All the banana lovers out there, this is for you all!

We also tasted Their fresh-made smoothies which were served in an amazing quantity. My favorite one being the strawberry bomb!<3

The staff is very helpful and the service is really quick! The place is a must try for good quality food served in a good quantity and which is pocket friendly too!

The All New Breakfast Menu at Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Farzi Cafe doesn’t fail to impress me be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! This well-known chain from India is a modern indian bistro which aims at “Creating an Illusion” with its cuisine. Its a quirky, chic, modern Indian café, where guests enjoy a sensory experience through the finest modern Indian cuisine, with a high energy ambiance. Infusing a generous dose of Indian flavours, Farzi Café presents Indian cuisine where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern presentations and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy to indulge the guests into the ultimate gastronomic illusion.

They have recently introduced a new breakfast menu which will definitely pull you back for more!
We started off the breakfast with some hot chocolate. The sudden chilly weather in dubai definitely calls for a yummy hot chocolate! The hot chocolate served was served hot and taste really good! Keeping the presentation simple with a good quantity, this hot chocolate was a good start to the breakfast!
To accompany, we were served with a Grilled Bombay Decker Sandwich. As the name suggests, the plate had one portion with a decked up sandwich which was way too filling for 2 people. This dish will take you back to Mumbai memories for those roadside sandwiches filled with tomato, cheese, cucumber and chutney! However, this dish also consisted of avacado giving it a healthy touch to this sandwich. Loved every but of it! Must have for all the vegetarians out there!

We were then served with Paratha Mexicano! Doesn’t it sound yummy?!!! This dish was something unique i had come across was totally impressed! The paratha was made with flour from one side and the other side was made with egg with an omelette-like base. This paratha was filled with jalapenos and was served along with raita (not to break that indian combination of paratha & raita)and a side of beans, salsa sauce and nachos! The plating, presentation and taste was perfectly done!

We were then served with few of their fancy and signature drinks – starting off with “Farzi Smoke” – this drink was a combination of orange, lemon and a pinch of vanilla essence giving it a refreshing taste.
Next was a coconut-pineapple based drink – the presentation and taste of this drink was to die for!! It was served in a shell shaped unique glass with an amazing duo of coconut and pineapple! I would highly recommend this drink!
We were offered with one more drink which by far was the most unique flavored drink – this was a popcorn infused cola. The combination might sound wierd and not so appealing but surprisingly, the drink tasted so good – i had never imagined popcorn would even taste good with cola. Would recommend this drink as well! Its definitely worth a try!

Moving on, we were served with Poha topped with chicken sausage and quail egg. Poha is an indori rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes and hence cooked in some masalas. Eventhough i’m not a big fan of poha, i loved the way it was cooked with multigrains to give it a healthy touch! It went so well along with those yummy chicken sausages.

The next dish that we tried was the poached eggs benedict. Now this benedict was done in a desi style! The english muffins topped with chicken keema and poached eggs. These were served along with potato wedges loaded with cheese, grilled egg white and some salad along with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. This desi touch to the english breakfast was fabulous! I absolutely loved this concept and taste of the dish. This plate is a perfect breakfast and really filling – can be easily chared among 2 people.

To end it on a sweet note, we tried out the french toast which was filled with cream cheese, nutella and coffee cream! OMG THIS DISH WAS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE FROM ALL THE OPTIONS I TRIED FROM THEIR BREAKFAST MENU.
It was done so perfectly with a perfect amount of sweetness! The plating was done well too with cream cheese and nutella spread all along and topped with berries! Do not leave the place without trying this piece of heaven!

Farzi cafe has now become one of my fav breakfast spots in the town and i highly recommend trying the breakfast here!

L’Atelier Aquafitness

L’Atelier Aquafitness is one of the unique concepts i’ve come across! L’Atelier Aquafitness was founded by Karima Rahali-Sebti in 2013 and became the first aquabiking studio in the United Arab Emirates. The aquabiking concept originated in Italy in the 1990s and later spread to neighboring France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and then further afield to the United States and the United Kingdom. Developed by an Italian physical therapist to help rehabilitate injured athletes, aquabiking is a mix of water aerobics and indoor spinning on specially designed bikes for the water activity that are immersed in an indoor pool.  


L’Atelier Aquafitness is a high-end ladies only boutique studio that has some of the most highly skilled aquafitness instructors and offers an array of aquabiking classes from HITT (High Intensity Interval Training), Full Body, more focused classes such as BAT (Bottom, Abs & Thighs) to Aquatraining and Soft Aquabiking. 
I got to try a class at L’Atelier Aquafitness, thanks to the folks at TishTash! The place is located in Jumeirah 3 and can be easily located! Its a spacious entity with a mini bar with detox drinks, water, healthy oats, cookies and much more to offer!
It includes a separate area for changing rooms, shower rooms and lockers. Since, it was my first class, there were certain rules to be followed:
First time clients: are required to arrive at least 20 minutes before the class.
For signing up purposes and touring of the boutique.
To know how to adjust the bike (will be done with the coach).
To change swimwear/ get ready for the class.
P.S. Regular clients: are required to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class.
To change into swimwear and get ready for the class.
The dress code:
  • Sports swimsuits are recommended coupled with shorts or tights.
  •  Supportive lycra/polyester sports bras & underwear are recommended for a comfortable workout.
  •  Should NOT wear bikini.
  • COTTON clothes are NOT allowed in the pool.
Water shoes: Water shoes are required to cycle in the pool.
Will be provided for the first class and can be bought at the Boutique.
Showering: is mandatory before and after the class for hygienic purposes and pool cleanliness.
For the removal of lotions and any cosmetic products from the body
To remove detergent from the swimwear
For hygienic purposes.
To feel fresh and energized.
Ms. Valeria was my trainer during the session. The session was around 45 mins and it was an amazing experience! Working out with music always works perfectly. A non stop 45 min workout with different exercises including under pool cycling, dumble workout and few stretches! The workout was absolutely tiring but was the first time i felt that workout is real fun!
Exercising under water is an experience worth it! A must must try for all the fitness freaks out there!

The Churrasco Night at The Address Dubai Mall

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If you are looking for a place with some delicious food, perfect view and an amazing live music and entertainment – without any doubt this is the place to consider!

The Address Dubai Mall is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai overlooking the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, and attached to The Dubai Mall. This elegant and chic hotel offers various dining options, one of them being, CABANA.
Cabana is located on the 3rd floor in an outdoor area by the pool side giving some amazing views of the Burj Khalifa! ❤

I visited on a thursday night to try The Churrasco Night which takes place every thursday from 7pm – 11pm. Churrasco Night is an evening of Brazilian taste with meats served to your table, Brazilian dancers to entertain each hour and a Band playing Latin music and Latin tunes in between sets.
The place has alot to offer in terms of food as well! A buffet that includes fresh grilled meat, soups, salads, cold mezzeh, mains and desserts!

Your table will have a token kind of thing with a red and green side. The green side will indicate the servers to serve more meat to the table whereas the re indicates that you are done with it, and don't require more. Just a convenient way to let the servers know what you need 🙂 It actually turned out to be really helpful – appreciate this concept!

The buffet starts off with some mushroom soup which was yummy – probably, the best mushroom soup i've tried till date! Since the weather was too chilly, the soup was the best way to start off the meal! The soup was accompanied by some bread crumbs which were mixed with bacon. This soup is definitely a must try!

Moving on, the buffet included fried rice, black beans, cream of corn and seafood stew. The fried rice was mainly broccoli based – being a broccoli lover, i loved this fried rice and was something different i had come across.
The cream of corn is highly recommended to all the corn lover. this corn on the cob were hot and creamy and worth trying!

On the cold mezzeh counter, there were various types of salads as well as few Mediterranean dishes such as hummus and moutabel. I tried out the hummus with some Kuboos bread – was a great combination and done well!
I also ordered for one of their signature non alcoholic drinks which was a berry blast. The presentation and the taste of the drink was AMAZZINGG! It definitely justifies the word "Signature drink" – A must try!

Post this, they also had a special bread and cheese counter where they offered all kinds of bread and cheeses. Now this counter had all those pungent tasting cheeses as well as those nuetral ones – a perfect counter for all who want to discover and taste those different cheeses.

We were then served with some chicken, prawns and chicken sausages and wings right on our table. The staff is very well trained when it comes to serving! The meat was perfectly served on our plates with selection of dips, ketchup and mayonnaise. These grilled items were cooked to perfection and were served so hot; fresh from the grill! The burst of the flavors with the first bite was too good! It had an amazing taste and were too good to have at that time especially in this cold chilly weather!

Moving on to the desserts, they had an amazing range of chocolate brownies,creme of caramel, chocolate cake, mini chocolate balls and mini coconut balls. All the desserts were really yummmmmy! My personal favorite being the caramel and the chocolate cake – THEY WERE DROOL WORTHY!
We ended our meal with a hot chocolate – since it was really cold, it definitely calls for a hot chocolate!

The staff and the service was way toooo good! The staff was approachable, welcoming and very friendly! The service was great too and couldn't have been any better ❤

All in all, this place is a perfect place to chill with friends and to end the week and happily welcome the weekend!
P.S. They also provide you with a blanket if the weather is too cool!