Matto – The Oberoi, Dubai

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With so many italian eateries in Dubai, one more adds up to the list! Matto is located in The Oberoi, Business Bay. A home-grown brand based on classic Italian food with a side of mischief, MATTO aims to recast the archetypal Italian dining experience. Showcasing the skills of chefs who took ownership from their grandmother’s kitchen with an innovative menu and catering to a gastronome crowd, MATTO is decidedly refreshing and worldly.

I was here on a weekday to try their business lunch. The place has an amazing ambiance and interiors. It’s industrial décor creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, and the interiors allow guests to be immersed in the cooking experience as they watch the chefs bring each dish to life in the open kitchen. A progressive mural by artist Chafa Ghaddar adorns MATTO’s walls to complete the relaxed yet upbeat vibe.

The business lunch started off with antipasti which included Brushchettone, Calamari, Tortino Di Carciofi and Parmigiana. The Brushchettone was a simple one yet so delicious! Grilled bread topped with cherry tomoatoes, melted caciocavallo cheese, garlic and basil pesto. It was crispy, crunch and had a delicious taste! The calamari included crispy squid rings which was served along with lemon mayonnaise. Tortino Di Carciofi was a simple artichoke pie which was stuffed with cream cheese. This dish was something new and different i had tried and i absolutely loved it! The presentation and taste both were amazing! Even if you are not a fan of artichokes, this starter is worth a try! Parmigiana was an eggplant dish wherein sliced eggplants were layered with Parmesan, tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella. Being an eggplant lover, this dish definitely won my heart! Cheesy and saucy – these eggplants were worth every bite!

Next on the menu was the pizza! We tried the Bufalina pizza which was a simple version of Margherita. It was topped with mozzarella, basil and tomato sauce. The pizza was of thin crust, cheesy and not at all chewy. It is One of the best pizzas i’ve ahd in town!

From the mains section, we tried the ravioli ricotta & spinaci and a buratta pasta. The ravioli was cooked to perfection. It was stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach and was cooked in cherry tomato sauce and basil infused olive oil. By far the best ravioli i have ever tasted! It couldn’t be any better. Since it had a cheese stuffing, it was heavy and really filling!
The buratta pasta was a new conccept i had come across. The penne pasta was cooked with buratta & fried eggplant in a cherry tomato sauce – again a dish worth trying!

Moving on to the desserts, the best part of any meal! We were served with tiramisu, cannolis, striscette and their famous MATTO ROCK! Tiramisu is a must-have dessert at an italian restaurant. This one from Matto was really good – not too cramy and not too dark on the coffee part, just done perfectly! The cannolis are small pastries kind-of stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese, pistachio and cocoa – something different, worth a try!
Striscette is a dessert that consists of lightly fried pizza dough sticks which were topped with icing sugar and came along with a nutella dip. I had never thought of pizza dough turning into a dessert that too this good – loved the creativity! The FAMOUS MATTO ROCK comes as a huge hazelnut sphere stuffed with praline. The sphere has to be broken down for the guests to enjoy the dessert! It seemed as a bigger version of a ferrero rocher (the stuffing being different). Do not leave the place without trying this one! ❤

True to the Italian way, MATTO presents a plethora of offers tailored to bring out the pleasure of a hearty meal at a light price. From lunchtime dining breaks to sunset drinks, whether for business or comfort, MATTO is a venue for any occasion, any day of the week.

MATTO is set to take you on a journey as you discover a new side of traditional Italian dining.

*Open from Sunday to Saturday from 12 pm to 12 am.
Express business lunch from 12 pm to 3.30 pm on weekdays.


Crumbs Elysee

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This lit-up cafe located in Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safa provides a wide menu to the guests along with an amazing ambiance with seating indoors and outdoors (specially for shisha).
I visited this place for dinner on a weekday, the outdoor seating was full, however there was enough seating available indoors. The staff welcomed us happily and presented us with the menu as well as his recommendations.
For appetizers, we ordered for the chilli potato wedges, Fried chicken tenders and Buratta cheese. The chilli potato wedges included a plate of wedges loaded with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, homemade chilli meat sauce and was served along with ranch sauce. This dish was an absolute heaven! It was delicious however, was not that spicy. The ranch sauce went along with the dish perfectly! he quantity of the dish was really good and it could be easily shared among 3-4 people. The fried chicken tenders were served along with fries and a garlic dip. The tenders were crispy and cooked well however, it lacked taste. It had a very bland taste; was alright when paired with garlic dip. The buratta cheese was served on a bed of mixed lettuce, tomatoes and fresh pesto sauce. This one was more of a salad with a lump of buratta cheese which tasted fresh and yummy! The salad went well along with the cheese.

For the mains, we ordered for a grilled salmon fillet, Crumbs pasta pizza and fettucine alfredo. THe grilled salmon fillet came with roasted green vegetables and served along with their special hollandaise sauce. The dish came in a really good quantity as well. The fish was soft and had great flavours! The crumbs pasta pizza was something new i had come across! The pizza was topped with penne pasta. The combination was good – recommended to veggie pizza and pasta lovers! The fetuccine alfredo was the best among all! So creamy and cheesy, this pasta couldn’t have been better! It included tender chicken strips, mushrooms and broccoli! A dish worth trying!

For drinks, we tried the Basiliko mocktail, After glow mocktail and fresh avocado juice. The Basiliko was a mixture of basil, lychee, pineapple and passion fruit. This drink tasted healthy adn refreshing and had a more of basil flavor to it. The After glow was a mixture of pineapple and orange with a shot of grenadine. This drink was served beautifully. It had different layers of orange and pineapple juice which made it look colorful. The avocado juice was done well too – recommended for avocado lovers.

For desserts, we tried the dark chocolate sphere and the nutella burger. The dark chocolate sphere was surprisingly huge in size. As the name suggests, the sphere came along with hot chocolate which when poured and the sphere, it opens up with ice cream inside! This dessert cane be easily shared among 4-5 people since the quantity is really good!

The place offers arabic, italian and american cuisines which are definitely worth a try!