Espana – An all in one Lounge!

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This quircky spacious lounge, located in the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel will take you to the nightlife of Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza all at one venue! Ladies, you cannot miss this place as it offers a private dedicated ladies bar and a specific wall and a seating for all those photos! In addition, their tables have a hook-like hanging to hang your pretty bags there 🙂 They have also come up with a new & unique concept of an upside down room which could be turned into a private party room with your own choice of music which will be played in there! Apart from all this, the lounge also has an extremely pretty terrace seating especially for the chilly weather!

The interiors here are so unique and attractive with all the quircky art work done without any straight lines. The foot of the abr chairs have hands and heels on them giving them the funkiest look! Customers can enjoy their meal wither on the high tables or low tables, whichever appropriate and convenient for them. Absolutely LOVED how this place is done!

Getting to the menu, the place offers spanish cuisine at its best! This was the first time i was trying this cuisine and i was totally amazed! We started off with some mocktails – pomegranate julep and monica lewinsky. The pomegranate julep mocktail was a simple one with pomegranate juice and a hint of rose water and lime. This cute little mocktail had an amazing refreshing taste! The monica lewinsky had a neutral taste with a balance of bitterness and sweetness, the main ingredient being raspberry.


  1. Padron Peppers: This unique dish of green pepper was served along with sour cream and cream cheese and cooked in sesame oil. I had no idea how this would taste but the combination sounded interesting! The dish turned out to be one of the best of the night! Definitely worth trying!
  2. Vegetarian Empanadas: These empanadas have a puff pastry covering and is filled with veggies. Something i could keep munching on while enjoying some drinks. Vegetarians, you won’t be disappointed with this one.
  3. Fresh Prawns Al Ajillo: Who doesn’t love some fresh and scrumptious prawns along with some salmon crisp. These were one of the best prawns i’ve had in town! Will definitely tantalize your tastebuds!

Authentic Tapas:

  1. Croquetas De Queso: I love the name of this dish 😀 This was a simple one yet so delicious! These little croquettes were filled with goat cheese and beetroot and served with their homemade gazpacho sauce. Not a fan of beetroot, but this one was irresistable!!! For all those cheeselovers, don’t miss on this one!
  2. Pollito Muruno: This one was the chicken kabab served on skewers made in their traditional Mojo sauce. This dish had an Indian-like touch to its taste. Spicy and juicy, these kababs were to die for!

Modern Tapas:

  1. Mushroom Potato skins: A potato and mushroom LOVER like me cannot resist but to try this specific tapa! These patoties looked mouthwatering and the taste did absolute justice to the look. I loved the way it was presented and was something unique i came across. The base being the potato skin and filling being overloaded mushrooms!
  2. Sevillian Spring Salad: I frankly hate salads, not one of those salad lovers/ health freaks so was too reluctant to try this one. I just took a bite to taste it but i ended up finishing half of it due to its delish taste! Salad lovers, you’ve got yourself sorted even at the bar!
  3. Fried Mozzarella: How can i see mozzarella sticks and not order for one! The sticks were so filling and cheeeessy! This was a simple dish of heaven ❤
  4. Smoked Salmon with Pumpkin: This particular dish was again one of the best on the table! The fish couldn’t be any softer and tender. It tasted very fresh and was perfectly cooked. The combination of salmon and pumpkin went really well!


  1. Chuletitas de Cordero: This one was a grilled lamb served on a mash vegetable puree. The lamb was cooked to perfection! It was not at all hard or chewy which just made the dish taste even better!
  2. Seabass: This particular dish is not yet added to the menu as its a new introductory. Simple yet one of my favorites from all the dishes! The folks have definitely become my favorite for some amazing seafood items!

Overall, the place din’t disappoint me at all either with their food or ambiance. Even if you aren’t planning a visit for dining but just for drinks, go ahead as you’re going to enjoy the ambiance!



The Perfect Mani-Pedi Session at The White Room Spa – Dubai

The White Room Spa located at the Marina Plaza is the best place to be at for all the ladies who want to get some pampering done! As the name suggests, the place has got everything white, right from the interiors to couches to mani-pedi stations.

The all-white ambiance gives out very relaxing and calm vibrations which is one of the best features of the place! Along with this, they have put up some modern art paintings on the wall which are admirable!


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I was here for a mani-pedi session on a weekday evening. Eventhough, i was 15 minutes late from the appointment time, the staff had kept a spot free for me and were able to accommodate me. Before getting started, i had to choose a color for the mani-pedi which was the toughest part of the whole experience. These folks have so many choices of brands and colors that one could go crazy looking at them as all of them looked so pretty!



After a lot of thought, i opted for a blood red shade and shimmer gold from the Essie range for hands and a fuschia pink color from the O.P.I range for the feet.

Moving on, i was seated to one their cute mani-pedi stations and was offered some refreshing detox water which was lemon & orange infused. This was the perfect drink which went so well along with the service. Ana & Joyce were pampering me all this time.

Started off with removing  the current nailpaint; soaking them in warm water; filing; cutting the cuticles; massage with lotion; applying the base coat,;the nailpaint and hence, the top coat. The process was done with perfection! Right from the filing to applying nailpaint, they finished their job so perfectly.  They also applied a scrub on my feet which is well known for removing the dead skin.

The lotion massage is something you should take full fun of! This was so relaxing and delightful, i would want that all day, everyday! 😛

Overall, outcome was very pretty, i fell in love with the colors and my NAILS!




The place is WORTH WORTH TRYING for some me- time!


Sukh Sagar – A Feast for all the Vegetarians

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Sukh Sagar has been one of the oldest and most known place especially among all the vegetarians. Those who have been here are aware their quality food and service! The place has alot to offer right from a live chaat counter to boxes of indian sweets!
I was here on a Saturday evening while craving for some delicious vegetarian food. The staff was very friendly and welcoming as they showed us a table and presented the menu to us.
We ordered for a dahi batata puri from their chaats section – being a fan of this particular chaat, totally loved the taste and presentation! If you are confused what chaat to order for, i highly recommend Dahi Batata Puri.

Following, we tried the Veg Mixed Platter and Crispy Vegetable from their starters selection. Those who don’t know, the place offers delicious chinese dishes as well, which is definitely a plus point if you are in a mood of some chineseee!
The platter was a huge one, it included 3 pieces of hara bhara kabab, paneer tikka, veg seekh kabab tandoori gobi, mushroom tikka and pineapple. The quantity was really good according to the price of platter (AED 35). I absolutely loved each and every bit of each of these. They were cooked to perfection and were towards the spicy side. Special recommendation going out to mushroom tikka and veg seekh kabab.
The crispy veg is for all the indian-chinese food lovers! As known, the dish was absolutely spicy with a burst of flavors from the first bite itself! ❤

The place offers a wide variety of fresh juices as well which are worth trying! Ganga Jamuna – a combination of mausambi and orange, this drink is for all the orange lovers! Do not miss on this divine drink! We also tried their cocktail fresh juice which included pineapple, grapes, pomegranate and apple. This mixed drink was refreshing and tasted fresh.

Moving on to the mains, we tried their Babycorn and Mushroom Masala & their signature Aloo Bukhara Kofta. The Babycorn and Mushroom masala was a simple rich gravy with a combination of babycorns and mushrooms. If you're a fan of these veggies, trust me with this choice!!
The Aloo Bukhara Kofta is for all those potato lovers out there! The onion based gravy included dumplings made of potato, fenugreek and dried prunes. This dish definitely deserves to be special. I loved the gravy and the dumplings were big enough to fill your tummy 😛
For breads, we tried their cheese & garlic naan. Eventhough, it had cheese, the bread was not at all heavy – it was absolutely light and delicious at the same time!
From their basmati/rice selections, we ordered for a vegetarian handi biryani. The biryani was a simple one yet very tasty! But I'm sure the team could make it more aromatic and flavorful.

One cannot miss on the desserts here! We ordered for a ras malai which tasted HEAVENLY!! This dessert includes a dumpling made of cottage cheese served in a sweetened milk with cardamom and saffron. TRY IT AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

The place is definitely worth a visit! Eventhough, you're not a fan of vegetarian food, try it and you're going to enjoy it!

Wellington’s Steakhouse & Lounge Bar at Royal Ascot Hotel

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Wellington’s Steakhouse & Lounge Bar, located in the lobby level of Royal Ascot Hotel. The place has got some british interiors with a very dim lighting giving a perfect ambiance to relax and chill! They have an open bar where you could see your drinks being prepared live. The place has a lot to offer to entertain you while you enjoy your drinks – they have live music, a lady singer, who does the singing so well! Definitely one of the reasons you should be here.
The place has recently changed their concept to cater to more asians and for the ones who don’t consume steak. They have introduced more varieties in finger food mains to cater the outside public as well instead of just the hotel guests.

On this visit, i tried out some of their newly introduced starters and mains. Started off with mocktail which was an orange and lime based drink. This citrus drink was done really well with just a tinch of orange flavor and more towards the lime.
Moving on, The starters included:

Chorizo Cheese Bruschetta: This bruschetta was cooked in a different way and din’t look like an authentic bruschetta at all, it had a puff based base. However, it tasted delicious! It was topped with tomoatoes, corns and cheese which made it crispy and cheesy!

Minty Potato Tarts: As the name suggests, these tarts were stuffed with potatoes along with olives and mint sauce. The dish was not that great and could definitely have been more flavorful.

The mains have a variety in chicken, fish, beef and vegetarian. In vegetarian, they have only two options: penne arabiatta and grilled vegetables. I opted for the penne arabiatta which was served in a pink sauce and came along with 2 side breads. The pasta was very bland and not upto mark. However, the breads served along were just heavenly! They were spicy and crispy, went well along with the pasta.

They also have some limited desserts to offer. We tried out the cheesecake and apple pie. The cheesecake was presented well but it was just too sweet according to my taste buds. The apple pie, on the other hand, was delectable! It was moist and had a balanced taste of apple. The pie was served along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which was just like a cherry on the top!

The staff is very friendly and welcoming! The place can be tried for drinks, live entertainment and some kababs to go with!

Qiso Cafe – Foodmart and Happiness

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Qiso cafe, a new cafe in Dubai Silicon Oasis has a concept of a cafe along with a gourmet foodmart. The gourmet food mart houses variety of chips, healthy snacks, superfood bars, spices, pulses, vegan milks and much more!
Whereas the cafe offers serve healthy juices smoothies salads, breakfast, sandwiches and appetisers. We serve coffee from Illy, Tea from “Revolution” , Masala tea from “Wagh Bakri”, our specials includes Turmeric Latte and special fusion iced teas. They have a nutritionist on board who prepares the fresh and healthy menu items!

Apart from their healthy take on food, the place has alot to offer for your family – they have toys and books to engage children and a dedicated kids corner for them. Additionally they also have a library for adults.
The cafe turns into a community space on weekends as they do storytelling sessions for children, Musical gigs and Pilates or Yoga classes for women. Shortly they will also be having health and nutrition talks for the community!

I was here on a weekday for lunch, the place could be easily located in DSO. No parking problems as they have a dedicated parking space for the dine in customers. The menu is quite interesting and have various healthy options. One thing that’s really good about it is that they offer breakfast at all times of the day including during dinner time.
We tried out various breakfast items – the buckwheat pancakes & vegetarian omelette. The buckwheat pancakes were plated beautifully and were served along with greek yoghurt and maple syrup. The pancakes were prepared with buckwheat flour; topped with berries, sunflower seeds, walnuts and cinnamon. These pancakes are definitely for the ones who are keeping a track of calories. The veggie omelette was the specialty of the day which was made with besan (gram flour) – again a really healthy option!

Moving on, we tried the soup of the day which was the minestrone soup. A vegetarian soup prepared hot and delicious and served along with a bread. The soup was absolutely delicious! One of the best soups i’ve had till date. The quantity was great as well! Highly recommended.
From the salads section, we tried the greek salad. Tje salad included tomato, capers, cucumber, olives, pepper and onion feta (the main greek ingredient). The feta went so well in the salad. Definitely one of the great options from the salad section.
We tried the red hummus delight from the appetizers section which was something different i had come across. The plating was so attractive and colorful. The dish came with 4 small breads and 3 kinds of hummus – original hummus, beetroot hummus and mint hummus. This dish is definitely worth a try!

For the drinks we tried out their turmeric sunrise and flu-bursting turmeric shot. These fresh cleansing juices are a must have!! With a great flavor and taste , they also have some great benefits to your health!

To end with, we ordered for a Ravioli Romania from their pasta section which was an amazing vegetarian ravioli dish stuffed with veggies and mushrooms. This dish was cooked in pink sauce and was really delectable!

The cafe is a one food stop for all your food cravings while keeping in mind the calories. Worth a visit ❤

Scoopi Cafe – Freshly made Ice creams & Chocolates

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Scoopi cafe, a family owned & operated business is located on the Jumeirah Beach Road. This gourmet icecream and chocolate cafe has a lot to offer in order to satisfy your sweet tooth!
The cafe has various unique flavors to offer in addition to the Dubai’s most expensive ice cream. This ice cream includes Madagascar vanilla ice cream flavoured with Iranian saffron and Italian black truffles, garnished with 23 carat edible gold and served in a rare bowl with a silver spoon worth AED 2,999.

The cafe also offers various sundaes, milkshakes, vegan ice creams and sugarfree ice creams. Along with these, they also offer various hadcrafted chcolates in different flavors such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, saffron, hazelnut and much more!
I tried the outlet on a weekend, parking was not an issue luckily! There are live chocolate and ice cream counters in the cafe where your choice of icecreams and chocolates are prepared right in front of you!

I tried out the edible chocolate cup with a scoop of dark chocolate icecream and topped with smarties! I LOVED THIS DESSERT! As the name suggests, the dessert was presented in a form of cup which was filled with dark chocolate icecream and topped with smarties. It was worth every bite! The ice cream tasted so fresh, smooth and delicious – definitely worth trying!
*You can choose your own choice of ice cream and toppings

We also tried their vegan double berry ice cream. I couldn’t find any such difference between the normal ice cream and the vegan ice cream which was actually the good part! The icecream is recommended to the berry lovers!
Following, we tried out the sugarfree mixed berry icecream which was again made right in front of us and served fresh. This ice cream is made for all those health and fitness freaks out there!

Next on the list was the oreo icecream milkshake which was served in a jar, topped with oreo crush and came along with 2 chocolate fingers in. This was one of the best oreo shakes i’ve tried! Must have for all the oreo lovers!
To end with, we tried out their hazelnut and milk chocolates. These were so delicious and yummy! It would melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite.

This cafe is worth a visit where the secret to the quality and taste of these dessert creations is liquid nitrogen, which is used to freeze ice cream at low temperatures, producing a smoother product with a buttery texture, in less than a minute!
Give it a try and you definitely won’t regret it!