Bombay Bungalow – A royal Indian Culinary Journey

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India can now be experienced within Dubai itself! Bombay Bungalow (previously known as House of Curry) has got the perfect traditional interiors which creates an ambience with a proper indian touch!
The place is located by the beach at JBR. The basement parking would allow you a free parking for first 3 hours spent at Bombay bungalow which makes your visit even more convenient.
The menu offers limited options which makes it easier for the customers to choose their dishes without much confusion and thought.

To start with, we ordered for an Onion Bhajia and Guac Pani Puri. Onion BHajias are something that could never go wrong! These crispy onion fritters was served along with a cucumber raita. These delicious fritters could be munched on all day without getting bored of! Guac Pani Puri was something different i had come across! This one was their take on their traditional pani puri. A mexican touch to this popular indian snack, did great wonders! The puris were stuffed with guacamole and came along with some spicy chilli dressing. The combination was a REAL HIT! A must try when at this place!

From the salad section, we tasted their Bungalow salad. Though i’m not a salad fan, this salad, filled with vegetables and greens was absolutely delicious. Enjoying some great salad, along with keeping a check on calories is like a dream come true for all of us! 😛

Moving on to their Kababs & Tikkas, we tried out the Haryali Fish Tikka and Tandoor Chicken. The Hariyali Fish Tikka was HEAVENLY! Suppper soft and delicious fish served along with passionfruit chutney. Ohhh What a combination this was! This dish should not be missed especially if you are a seafood lover!
The tandoor chicken was served on a bed of tadka laban – it astonishes me how they come up with such unique combinations that go along so well! Again, a supperb dish with great flavors and taste. The only exception being the chicken was a bit chewy and hard. But ofcourse, this could be improved anytime. The focus being the taste, was yummy!

Starting off with the mains, we ordered for a tawa baingan as a side dish and burrata butter chicken & mustard prawns from their signature main dishes. Being an eggplant fan, i absolutely loved the tawa baingan – spicy, tasty and delicious, this was a perfect one for my taste buds!
Doesn’t the name buratta butter chicken seem unique and different on its own?!
The dish was just like a typical butter chicken made in fenugreek tomato gravy, just that it included a burrata cheese right in the middle. This dish might sound a bit wierd to you but i would highly recommend to try this one! This dish genuinely is worth a try! The rich thick gravy went really well along with burrata.
The mustard prawn, again, was a hit dish! This one came in a coconut lime gravy and had a hint of mustard. Prawn lovers, you’ve got to try this!

To go along with these mains, we had ordered for some cheese naans and Merguez Lamb Pulao. The cheese naans were on its own a MAIN DISH! Looking at The oozing out hot melted cheese from the naan, i was sure this ones going to be fab! Being a cheese lover, i would agree that the kitchen team has done full justice to this cheese naan. A MUST MUST TRY! The merguez lamb pulao was filled with baby potatoes and topped with a fried egg. I loved the concept of an egg in a pulao and it actually tasted really good with the rice. The pulao was good enough, but i’m sure the team can work better on its spices and flavor.

Moving on to the best part of the meal, THE DESSERTS! We ordered for a coconut rasmalai and a chocolate fondant. I SWEAR I HAVEN’T HAD A BETTER RASMALAI TILL DATE! This rasmalai was served as a stack of two with a dash of salted caramel in between which enhanced the taste! Being supper full by the end of the meal, i was not expecting that i would finish off this plate of rasmalai but surprisingly i did! Thanks to the heavenly taste of these delicious dumplings!
On another note, the chocolate fondant was a bit of disappointment. The concept of fondant calls for a melted chocolate from the inner side of fondant. However, this fondant was absolutely dry and tasted very average.
I would instead suggest you to try the alphonso mango kulfi and the best ever coconut ramalai!

The service here was excellent and we din’t had to wait much for anything! The staff was friendly and very welcoming. The food was really good, overall and the presentation of every dish was spectacular! This place is worth a visit!


The Vintage Room – A new Jewel in Jumeirah

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This newly opened restaurant in Jumeirah has become one of my new favorites for some finger-lickin’ good food!
The attractive gold and rich interiors along with some calm and relaxing live music was something that forced me to stay back at the restaurant for long hours ❤
With an ample seating area, the place also offer a private dining area for upto 12 people which makes it perfect for private functions as well!

One of the best things feature here is that there is ample parking space outside with 3 reserved parkings only for the restaurant guests! What makes it better is that the parking lot of the compound is not a paid parking! 😀

Moving on to the food, the place offers authentic indian and authentic italian dishes which made me happy as the italian food did not have an indian touch to it which made it taste traditionally from Italy.
From the indian menu, i would highly recommend to try the Dahi Ke Kabab, Hara bhara kabab and Tandoori Salmon Tikka from the starters section. Hara bhara kabab is something different from the regular hara bhara kababs as this one has a sweet touch to it due to the stuffing on mango chutney. This dish is An absolute delight! From the  mains, the rajasthani laal maas, butter chicken and bhutta methi palak are my personal favs! These dishes are literally to die for! It couldn't have been better. I have been to this place thrice and these have been literally in my repeat order.

From the Italian sections, the pastas here are one of the best i've tried in Dubai! Creamy, saucy, filling and aromatic – these pasta will pull you back here! The pizzas are thin crust and just way too light. You won't feel heavy as you do after having pizzas. You might finish a large margherita on your own and you wouldn't even come to know. Love these cheesy yet light pizzas with fresh dough base ❤

Moving on to the best part of the meal – DESSERTS! The Shahi Kheer, Red Velvet Kulfi and Tiramisu is to die forrrr!! Usually a kheer concept is always served hot, however, this fine dine offers a chilly cold kheer with a balanced sweetness. I was surprised by seeing a red velvet flavored kulfi in the menu!! This Kulfi was done so so well – not too sweet and with a slight hint of red velvet.

The place is a must visit for some delicious food, an extraordinary service and the perfect ambiance to go along with your meal!

Barilla – An authentic Italian Food Affair

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All of us would be familiar with the brand “Barilla” with the products they offer including pastas, lasagnas, pizza sauce and much more. However, Barilla opened their first restaurant in December 2013 in New York City with a view of building a casual dining where you can enjoy pasta, pizza, panini, salads and overall, the best of Italian food at the right price and in a homely environment.

With the chain expanding, they have now opened in Dubai to show us the magic of authentic italian food right from the barilla kitchen and made with barilla products!

The place is located on Level 1 where all new dining experience have been added. One of the best concept here is that, they have an open kitchen which lets us, customers, watch how our food is being prepared!

Starting off with some Appetizers, we ordered for Bruschetta, Tomato Pesto bread, Rosemary bread and Caprese. The brushetta was one of my favorites from the choices. The use of their homemade bread for this dish was an absolute great idea as their bread was just too delicious! The tomato pesto bread was my second favorite as it had that tangy taste of tomatoes which went perfectly with the bread. However, there was only a minimal taste of pesto and not much.

Moving on to salads, i tried there pollo cesare and tonno e uova. The ceasar salad was one of the best i’ve had! It was made with Romania lettuce along with the ceasar dressing and served with grilled chicken and parmigiano.

We tried out their tortelini alfredo from the pasta section, tricoloure from the pizza section and a mushroom risotto.
The pasta is a must have for all the cheese lovers. This pasta was one of the creamiest and cheesiest i’ve had! It was way too filling and delicious!
The risotto, however, was less creamier and heavier with a balanced taste of cheese and mushrooms.

The place is a must visit for all the italian food lovers. You will not regret your visit ❤

Carnival By Tresind – Season 3!

The amazing Carnival team is back with a new menu of season 3! After the 2 succesful hits of previous season, the team has come up with an all new menu for season 3 which is going to amaze you! This menu is focused on taking you back to your childhood memories and offer the diners an emotional journey of nostalgia. 🙂

The meal started off with a simple yet delicious Tandoori Pav which was topped with some grated parmesan cheese, mushroom and with a hint of truffle. It was an absolute delight! The pav was soft and delicious which couldn’t have made the dish better!


Next what came on the table was absolutely surprising! Something that would just add on your calories was turned into a healthy one – It was a Pani Puri Salad! The team got for sure got their creative hats on while making this one. This salad was made with boondi, sprouted lentil taboleh, sprouts, chickpeas, pani puri dressing and topped with a tamarind sorbet. One would enjoy this dish as it has got the taste of the original pani puri and would also balance their calorie count! 😛


Moving on, we were served with a tray consisting an array of indian snacks from the streets of Khau Galli


The bhel was served in a small jar but with ample quantity. It was truely one of the best bhel i have tried on till date! With a balanced taste of spice and sour, this one was definitely a hit!


The monaco pie was simply a bibsuit called monaco which we, as kids, were fond of! This simple biscuit was topped with pav bhaji – a unique and delicious combination!


Since its the season of mangoes, this mango chaat serving was absolutely required! A simple dish with sliced mangoes topped with masalas which made these little pieces of heaven taste even better!


The dhokla mousse was their take on the popular indian snack dhokla. This snack was turned into a mousse and served in a bowl. It was something different i had come across and was quite impressive. However, i would still prefer the original dhokla in its form too enjoy it to the fullest! ❤


We were then served with some of their signature mocktails. One of them being a mixed berry based and other one was a passion fruit based. Their mocktails’ presentation and taste have always been very satisfying and this time the bar team have maintained it yet again!

Next on the menu was ‘Into the Wild’ – this one was a sharing plate and a live demonstration where one of the Chef’s came to our table with a heated Himalayan salt slab. This was a live cooking of a prawn based dish where the prawns were cooked on the Himalayan salt slab. There was no salt added in this cooking as the salt slab itself contained 99.9% pure salt. This natural cooking was absolutely stunning. Once the prawns were cooked, it was wrapped in a small bread and topped with homemade chilli oil. It tasted absolutely delicious and yummy! Definitely a must try for a different and unique experience.


Moving on, we experienced one more live demonstration of ‘Creamy Chicken’ which is their take on Murgh Malai Tikka. The live demonstration was done in a 40kg parmesan wheel where the chicken was put in along with some creamy sauce to turn the mixture into a fondue-like. The chicken was then removed on a plate, topped with some grilled vegetables (such as babycorn, bell pepper, baby carrot and baby asparagus)


We were then served with a plate of Fish and Chips! This one included a baked cream dory with a masala herb crust and served with indian cheetos (kurkure). This heavenly fish was baked with butter topped with green peas ❤


The next dish was one of my favs from the entire meal – The curry Kachori! The dish consisted of ghevar base topped with a kachori stuffed with caramelized onions and a spill of yoghurt based cravy. This definitely was one of the best throwbacks and the best nostalgia feel!


Our mains started off with a Moti Mahal Butter Chicken. The name is derived from the first restaurant of Delhi called ‘Moti Mahal’. Who doesn’t love a delicious creamy and buttery chicken in a thick gravy ❤ Butter Chicken lovers, do not miss on this one!

To continue with, we were served with a thali style ‘Rise and Shine’ . This one included a delicious and mouthwatering bowl of biryani, hyderabadi saalan consisting of eggplant and chilli , tomato kuth, raita with garlic flavour, kuchumber salad consisting of cucumber, tomato and onion. Doesn’t this sound like rich, royal and filling meal ? ❤

This all-in-one thali will make your tummies the happiest!


A similar concept was served next called ‘Ram Babu Paratha’. This dish hails from Rajasthan. The paratha was stuffed with  masala papad (I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS CONCEPT) and was served along with some tamarind chutney, yoghurt with cumin, potato gravy and pumpkin mash. Yet again, this hearty meal will make sure you leave the place happily!


For desserts, we started off with ‘MOTHER JAM’ – THIS DESSERT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! A dedicated dessert for the season of mangoes! This particular dessert looked so gorgeous and colorful with a marvelous presentation that i din’t want to touch it! 😦

This delicious plate of joy included a white chocolate sphere which was filled with aam ras topped with alphonso mangoes and tiny rasmalais at the base. Words can’t describe how delicious this was! Do not leave the place without trying this piece of heaven!


Next dessert was the Palang Tod (bed breaking). The presentation was as the name – the dessert tray was presented on a broken bed which was so so creative! This tray included small mud pot of saffron milk, rice pudding and bowl of dates stuffed with dry fruits. The rice pudding was done with clarified butter, malai and a gold topping. The saffron milk and pudding was something not to be missed due to its delicious taste. Not too sweet, but just the perfect taste!


We were then served with ‘Petifore’ – a lychee and raspberry sphere with rose petals syrup. This one was a great way to end a filling meal! The crackle in your mouth once you pop will get you dreaming about it post your meal!!


To end with, we were then served with cutting chai! This one was a best end to the memories concept – where the chai wala came on cycle with his tea filter and served us!

An unforgettable experience which shouldn’t be missed on. Go ahead and cherish your memories at Carnival By Tresind!


Iftar Preview At Kiyi, Fairmont Ajman

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I visited this place on a weekend for an exclusive Iftar Preview. This turkish quirky place is located in the lobby level of Fairmont Ajman. Fairmont Ajman embraces the Holy Month of Ramadan with Al-Fayruz tent, blending the Traditional with the Contemporary. The folks here have created the perfect ambiance for the month of Ramadan which includes live music, a Ramadan showcase feast with traditional food and a curated Iftar buffet.

The place will be presenting a 14m long buffet which will include 6 live stations with Ajmani women cooking giving the best traditional Iftar vibes!
The buffet will include some cold mezze options including fattoush, hummus & labneh along with some supper soft and warm breads.
Following were some finger food including cheese, spinach and meet fatayer. These delicacies are worth every bit!

The main course included some delicious finger lickin’ food including Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh (meat), Chickpea rice, lamb biryani and some seafood selection! These dishes were one of the best i’ve had!

The iftar is definitely worth a try if you are in Ajman. Even if not, drive all the way till Ajman is definitely worth it! One of the best places to break your fast.