Shami Gourmet – A Middle Eastern pocket friendly restaurant

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This hidden gem in Business bay offering arabic and middle eastern cuisine should be your next “To Go” place! A tiny joint located in Burlington tower has alot to offer while keeping your pockets and tummies happy!

I was here for lunch and opted for various items from their menu to try on!
We opted for a Shami cheese fatayer, Labneh with vegetables manakeesh & mixed cheese manakeesh, spicy potatoes, hummus from cold mezzeh and arabic falafel.

Shami Cheese Fatayer: These were tiny bundle of joys – super soft bread topped with hot melted cheese. I could keep munching on these all day long! Highly recommend these!

Labneh with Vegetables Manakeesh – A simple one with labneh spread on manakeesh base and topped with veggies. This one looked quite delicious in pictures; however, i was personally not much impressed with this as it was too sour for my taste. Being a labneh lover, this dish din’t impress me much.

Mixed cheese Manakeesh – Noone can ever go wrong with this manakeesh! Served hot with just the right amount of cheese – this dish is a big HIT! A must must try!#

Spicy potatoes – Crispy and delicious, these potatoes were cooked with perfection! However, the irony was that – it was not at all spicy. The dish still managed to be yummy!

Arabic falafel – THIS DISH WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE ENTIRE MEAL! Right from the taste to crisp, these falfels were to die for! One of the best falafels i’ve had till date! I was supperly impressed with the quantity and price of this dish – your pockets and tummies are definitely going to be the happiest with this one!

For desserts, we tried out the tiramisu, cheesecake and chocolate crepe. I wasn’t expecting much from the desserts as the restaurant specializes in middle eastern cuisine. However, much to my surprise the crepe turned out to be a HIT! CHOCOLATY AND WELL COOKED, this crepe shouldn’t be missed when you visit this place. The tiramisu and cheesecake were big misses, there’s definitely a room for improvement for these two.

All in all, the place is definitely worth trying especially for lunch for the people working nearby!


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